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Pop Girls: Freshman Class Rate (Dua, Zara, Kehlani, Alessia, Extras)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by slaybellz, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Oh man this totally slipped my mind! I'm gonna work on this and the Solange rate this week.
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  2. Hey guys! So I won't be on here much this week since i'm going on vacation but don't let that stop you from PM-ing me your votes, i'll probably still be lurking. Thanks! Can't wait to see the results!

    Enjoy some vacation #looks:

  3. Me somehow getting through both So Good and Know-It-All in one afternoon

  4. Not to be a brat, but I think I sent my scores and then you added 1-2 more songs, which now require a score for me, but I can't figure out which. Do you know?
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  5. I only like a small portion of Zara's album (it was a disappointment) and have never heard the other ones. I don't think I'm going have time to get into everything I don't know. Sorry about it. Hoping Lush Life goes for the win, from the sidelines.
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  6. Yes just missing Alessia Cara's bonus tracks from you. River Of Tears and My Song.
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  7. Okay but how come you're not stanning Dua?
  8. I don't know, I tried like some of her singles last year and it just didn't click, so I never checked for the album.
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  9. Fair, but I totally recommend you watch the "New Rules" video if you haven't yet!
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  10. I have Dua's album finished and there's nothing lower than a 5.5 (fuck you Scared to Be Lonely). So many tens.
  11. All I have left to do is the Kehlani album and the extras. I think my 11 is set, let's see if Kehlani surprises me!
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  12. Damn it! I've got a cold and I don't think I have the strength to go through all these massive albums although I really want to. I'll try my best though, expect my result right bu the deadline.
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  13. I lied.
    It's a mild day at work.

    The results:
    Dua - 7.666 (10x1, 6x3)
    Zara - 7.666 (10x3, 4x1)
    Kehlani - 7.444 (9x1, 6x1)
    Alessia - 7.000 (9x1, 5x1)
    Extras - 8.000 (10x2, 5x1)

    I had to consult a thesaurus to find synonyms for the word "cute", that's how dull it was getting there. Also, the amount of 7s and 8s is fucking staggering.
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  14. I'm just now starting Kehlani's album and it's... not that bad. So far.
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  15. Kehlani's got a couple of duds, but lowkey has the second best album of the bunch. Plus, Distraction is that bop and she serves lqqks in the video.
  16. It's very same-y after a couple of songs, but still very pleasant.
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  17. Kehlani's album is fine, it just is one of the cases where the wait for it ended up in the album being a serving plate to pick and choose from instead of one solid identity and product. I'm sure her next album will be stronger liker her mixtapes.
  18. Kehlani's album is bloated as fuck but Distraction, CRZY and Get Like are some of the best songs in the rate.
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  19. Almost finished with this. That Kehlani album was really long.
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  20. Well, "Complete dirge with a couple colossal bops" beats "complete dirge" in my book so Zara easily takes silver medal in here.