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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I've been trying (admittedly not very hard) to find a copy of The Unconsoled since hearing lots of online praise for it but it's all sold out because of the Nobel win. Soon!
  2. All-American Boys by Jason Reynolds is amazing. It deals with police brutality and it's told through two points of view, the black teenager assaulted and a white student who witnessed it.
  3. The Dry - Jane Harper.
    A mystery set in the outback, it's well written and unsettling so far (I'm about half way through).
  4. LTG


    Lincoln in the Bardo has won the Booker. I really enjoyed it, there were some beautiful passages, and I admired the experimental nature of it.
  5. RJF


  6. LTG


    Neither my bussy nor I are ready.
  7. Just finished it. Rather devastatingly, I didn't rate it all that much. There was lots to like but for me the plot went off the rails for the last half. Curious to see what others make of it.
  8. I'm reading The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer at the minute. It's one of the most engrossing books I've ever read.
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  9. LTG


    I just finished La Belle Sauvage. The second part did go in a weird direction, but I enjoyed Pullman’s take on old English myths, as Lyra left Britain quite soon in Northern Lights. Also, with the second book apparently being The Secret Commonwealth it’ll be interesting to see how it’s continued.
  10. I actually only found out recently there was a new book in that series, I'm dying to read it.
  11. I just finished Daniel Handler (of Lemony Snicket fame)'s newest, a YA novella about teen sex addiction.

    I adore his writing. One of my favorite authors. If you like Unfortunate Events, you'll love his adult books.
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    I just finished La Belle Sauvage. It's not even been a week so I'll be kind and put the more detailed talk behind a spoiler wall. I agree that the second half took... a lot of liberties. I think the first half did an amazing job of building the sense of dread and terror, before the second half basically became... Life of Pi, with a baby instead of a tiger. But overall I enjoyed it, I think.

    I feel like the detour into Lyra being kidnapped by the nunnery in the second half was a bit of far fetched filler, along with the enchanted island. It was basically the entire plot of Northern Lights in a single chapter. Child is kidnapped by mysterious force and is being held in a super impregna--oh never we went up the drain and got her before tricking a fairy who breastfed her. Like... I was enjoying the spookiness and surreal nature of it all until it seemed to speed through certain parts.

    I'm torn on Malcom too, who at times felt either bland, a Will/Lyra "plucky/wise and strong beyond his years" hybrid (the bits about him intentionally going placid in front of adults to trick them was classic Lyra, along with his skill for lying), or occasionally had character of his own. Him deliberately fucking up Mrs Coulter when she spoke down to him was a kii.

    I also low-key hate when prequels play so close to characters in the original series, because it begs the question of why on earth none of this rather insane story was brought up to Lyra to begin with. Obviously the originals were written with no intention of this new series existing, but it could have been avoided by... not having Lyra/Asriel so close to the plot too.

    Intrigued to see where the second book goes. I'm just happy to be in this universe, teeb.
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  13. Is it better to have read the original trilogy before going into this or it doesn’t matter much?

    I read those over 10 years ago and I remember almost nothing from them.
    I remember suffering to finish them cause I found them boring, but it might have been the Spanish translation being awful. All I’ve read is that they’re great?
    So I’m thinking of rereading them in English now.

    I’m finishing now The Goldfinch and I’m so in love with Tart’s writing that I just bought The Secret History...
    ... along with Autumn, Swing Time, Home Going, The Hate U Give and The Fifth Season. Yay payday (and damn WHSmith and its offers).
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  14. I read The Secret History a few months ago and it’s really fantastic. Thinking about going the other way and reading The Goldfinch soon (though I too have a big backlog of books to read).

    I’m currently about 70% through The Amber Spyglass and it’s just spellbinding. I’d heard less positive things about the final book, but it’s really got me rapt.
  15. It got a little too "The Last Battle" for my liking, and really made the trilogy finish on a downer for me. But 2 outta 3 ain't bad I suppose.

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  17. I just picked up Never Let Me Go at a used bookstore and am super eager to dig in. I've never read anything by him, but looks like he has quite a few gems.
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  18. Never Let Me Go is great, as is Remains of the Day. Can't wait to hear what you think of it!
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  19. This looks fun.
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  20. He


    I finished reading Call Me By Your Name a couple of days ago, and it hasn't not left my mind since. I'm still stunned / heartbroken.