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Popjustice pets

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

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    I'd like to introduce my daughter. She's perfect, she's beautiful, she looks like Linda Evangelista.
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  2. I feel like I live in this thread, but anyway, I'm seriously contemplating tonight whether I can carry on looking after Polo.

    He badly attacked me this afternoon, I was trying to entertain him and occupy his brain for 10 mins (like we usually do) and he usually grabs my leg like a "tag your it" thing but today he just went full out psychotic at me, I have puncture marks around my knees, extremely deep scratches on both legs and whenever I'm near him he is constantly on the attack... I'm basically a little scared of my cat right now.

    I adore the thing and it physically hurts me to even think of him being away, but the past month has been so stressful I'm just not coping and I'm reading up on shelters etc now. I feel terrible.
  3. He's very confused and disorientated with what is happening. My dog Alfie was ill recently and lashed out at me while I was filling his water bowl poor mite just didn't know if he was coming or going and felt sorry for himself. I'm not being cruel but a shelter wouldn't take Polo in his condition and with outstanding vet bills. If you can no longer look after him it would be kinder to put him down.
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  4. Thanks for this. The vets bill is with the last place (the way they treated Polo they don't deserve paying but I will).

    I was in shock still last night so obviously I was upset and emotional. I've spoken with a vet this morning and they have booked him in for a castration on Thursday as hopefully that may stop his anxiety over the wee situation and with all the aggression. Until then, I am keeping him downstairs and carrying on as normal, I am wary to get too close to him at the minute though.
  5. So, Polo has been taken by the Cats Protection people. He attacked me again on Monday so bad I needed a tetanus shot, it has been the hardest decision I've ever made in my whole life, I've sobbed my heart out the past few hours over him leaving but I know it was also the best thing I could've done for him as my presence seemed to raise his anxieties.

    I don't have a garden for him to play about in, so he was frustrated being stuck indoors and he was always in my windows meowing at the pigeons. Because he is only just over two years old they said he is more than likely attacking me because he wants freedom to roam and be a cat?

    His peeing issues were better before he left as he was on a grain-free diet and a Cystophane supplement and they are fully aware of this and have experience with all sorts of cats like him.

    He's given me two amazing years of hilarious and odd memories and he healed me a lot after the loss of Tigger when I was younger, my heart feels broken and I will mourn not seeing him for a long time, but I think I have done the best thing for him, so please don't judge me.

    - I'll be paying the awful vets (the ones I had to beg to save him) a lump sum over the next two months.
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  6. Not my pets, but portraits of cats I took in a cat cafe. These aren't new, and just found them while cleaning up my files.
  7. Alfie hasn't been eating yesterday and today, I brought him to the vet tonight expecting to be told he has a stomach upset and be given medicine as that's happened twice before. She took him into the back and came out and told me that her and her colleague could feel a ball in his stomach and that he must have swallowed it. She said it is unlikely a growth or tumor but won't know until they scan/operate. The scan cost 200 euro to be sure of where it is and the operation costs 500 euro. I don't have that sort of money to unexpectedly pay out. I'm so scared and in shock I ran out of the vets crying. They've said they are confident enough to just go straight to the operation but the fact they've mentioned tumors and things going wrong has me terrified. He came home with me wagging his tail and drank lots of water, He is in pain though so surgery will have to happen. I can't cope with the idea of him being cut open or possibly the worst, I don't think I've ever been this upset over anything before and then the stress of asking people to help financially.
  8. Alfie went in this morning for his x ray, They rang me an hour ago to say they couldn't make out the foreign body but there is something in his intestine causing a blockage and they were going ahead with surgery. Just got off the phone with them and they've said it's a mass that they think is cancerous and may have spread to other areas and can I give them permission to try cut it out. I am devastated.
  9. That sucks.
  10. They've cut out the mass and he will be coming home tomorrow, They are sending his biopsy off on Monday and it could be a week before I know if it has spread/He has cancer. I am just gonna try be positive that they got all of it and take this week off college to look after him.
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  11. If he has cancer, is it curable for animals?

    Anyway, I haven't had a pet for a long time, and that scenario is what I am always afraid of. I used to have a lot of cats, when someone died, it was quite depressing for me. Especially looking back at their final moments, when they were so weak and couldn't stand up and eat anymore.
  12. @NuhdeensPassport

    Stay strong, sis. Having a pet you love in distress is something I can relate to, so I know what you're feeling. Keep your head up, hun.
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  13. Thanks. He's home with me now, Very drowsy but got a few tail wags from him and he ate a bit. I've to bring him back Tuesday to get the painkiller tag off his leg and then in 10 days t get the lampshade thing off his neck. I'm feeling a lot better today. Yesterday was awful I have never been that upset before but hoping this is the end of it an if not will face it and do what is best for Alfie.
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  14. Sending you love, girl. Can’t imagine what you must be going through. You know where I am if you need a chat.
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  15. Here they are! Almost hitting 6k followers now :D