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Popjustice Song Contest 60/LX: II Heart PJSC (Five Years of PJSC Edition) - RESULTS!!!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. I have arrived to send my votes


    Wait Majela was sent to PJSC?!!
  2. Yeah, this is also super similar. It’s definirely the former though because the OI-OI-OIIIII bit was stuck in my head the entire holiday.
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  3. The song that's going to get my 12 is one of my favorite PJSC discoveries in a while. Unfortunately, I have a feeling this could be another Katie Cole / Tessa Violet type of situation where I'm left stanning all by myself...
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  4. My one PJSC flop to date where I honestly can't figure out why it did that badly. I'll stan with you!
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  5. This should be your next round... the one flop of yours that you don’t understand! I have a few.
  6. All right, let's do this!

    #4) That one PJSC flop of yours that you don't understand—what is it?

    And I'll start.

    It's basic, for sure, like a lot of my songs, but in all my experience being basic, that usually lands me in mid-table 40-50 point territory rather than bottom five!
  7. Wait, I remember this song! It's kind of a bop, but I could never get over her voice. It contributes to this feeling of it being just... juvenile, which is at odds with the lyrics about not being over someone? I think when it comes down to it though I'd have thrown it points had someone else sung it.

    I have so many that have underperformed that I just don't understand but my one would have to be:

    Sofi de la Torre is one of my favourite ever artists, and I adore the low key graphic design vibe of her videos. Coupled with this being an absolute beast of a pop song. HOW did it flop?
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  8. My PJSC career in a nutshell, hehe. Though I definitely have some competition in that regard...

    I remember her falling victim to the too-many-people-entering-the-same-song rule way way way back when... surprised she doesn't have more stans!
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  9. This became my new biggest PJSC flop ever when I entered it earlier this year. I'm not sure what I was thinking entering a two-year-old song in a language no one has ever heard of, but I really don't think it should have flopped quite as spectacularly as it did...

  10. Yeah, I think you know why this underperformed...

    It did, however, give me the chance I needed to succeed you so I love it ddd
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  11. ME TOO.

    I've toyed with entering this for months but I've been scarred by 'Mess' flopping

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  12. Literally in my LAST FM Alltime top 5 songs. A massive vocal powerhouse with only female vocals. A summerjam that radiates my midyear everytime again. It became second to last. Still puzzled.
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  13. Maybe you should've tried PJ00s?
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  14. That was nonexisted back then. But would it have made such a difference? Let me think it would.

    Here for a round were we can implement nonwinners from PJSC from 2000-2009 when we didnot know it was possible.
  15. Maybe @CorgiCorgiCorgi 's special edition can be a second chance version where anything entered in PJSC, PJOPS, or PJ00s is eligible to be entered?

    Poor DuJour.
  16. I actually had that song as second option after the one I choose 'Long Way Home' from Kerri Watt.
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  17. I'd allow it!

    (When should/can I start PJSC 2: The Return?)
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  18. I really thought I had a shot at the top 10 with this one.


  19. This would be the flop I don't understand because on a forum that tends to love Britney, I thought this would do well.
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  20. A Norwegian pop girl singing a midtempo bop. What's not to like?

    (27th place felt a bit harsh.)
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