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Popjustice Song Contest 60/LX: II Heart PJSC (Five Years of PJSC Edition) - RESULTS!!!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Iconic bop that should have smashed but didn't. Much love to whoever entered her this round though!
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  3. I'm down to my top 10 plus 3 honorable mentions. Just need to sort the point order now.

    I gotta say though this would be so much more enjoyable if people varied their entries a bit more. A lot of these songs are really interchangeable.
  4. My top ten is pretty varied, although I still can’t decide who is going to get my 12. I’ve done my rating entirely on the basis of the Spotify playlist and I’m kind of tempted to send in my votes without watching the videos just so I’m rating it purely on the music.
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  5. I'm really happy with the songs this round! Thanks for making my PJSC amazing, guys!
  6. After today I have cut it down 14. Havenot watched videos yet so they are possibly the reason to make it or break it.
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  7. I usually rate just the songs without watching the videos. Feels fairer that way I think.
  8. I hope you're not talking about my entry. Last time...

    ...this happened. ”Monkeys in the summer, monkeys in the summer”, remember? Although I did alright (to be precise, I basically did exactly as good as you did) but I was nowhere near the three entries fighting for the crown.




    You probably thought your entry was a winning song too. Like I did. And we almost ended up with the exact amount of points. Makes perfect sense.


    If I remember correctly, you predicted my entry Willa with the song ”Hey” would win too.


    Remember how we used to be Sweden and Russia back in the day. Always a favorite to win, and always ending up doing quite well (until, for my part, Zara Larsson happened).


    YOU'RE REFERRING TO MY ENTRY! I KNOW IT! Perhaps you're talking about one of the other 40 something songs in PJSC60, but if you're talking about my song, things are officially getting weird.


    (...to be continued.)
  9. I'm still waiting on all those victories to show up via @imaduck.
  10. My votes are in!

    My 12 was at third place for most of the voting period but grew on me. My 10 wasn’t even going to get points initially but it’s really grown on me.
  11. The power of the music video?
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  12. No. I didn't end up watching the videos until after I'd sent in my votes. Some of the songs just grew on me over time (and my original 12 also didn't age as well as the others did).

    There are some pretty interesting videos in my top ten, but it wouldn't have changed my ballot.
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  13. I'll get my votes in over the weekend.
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  14. I flopped so hard with this one that the video isn't even on Youtube anymore.

    Whatever, it's a gorgeous Banks/Jessie Ware synthballad and I still love it.
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  15. The song I originally intended to enter had its music video removed from the internet. I love the song but the video/popstar is so good and since it was nowhere to be found I went with another song.

    Now people keep saying they didn't even watch the videos before voting.

  16. But that makes it a more level playing field for those of us whose entries have no associated videos...
  17. I'm all for being worried when your entry gets removed from the internet in any form!

    Poor my PJOPS debut, etc. etc.
  18. I'll watch the videos, but I make sure it has no bearing on my voting.
  19. A little late but I totally forgot that I sent Queen Majela to this contest once. I am a little distraught at her channel disappearing from YouTube still.

    (I resent the accusation it was a troll entry tho tbh)
  20. In other news I have voted - there are 3 songs that stand head and shoulders above the rest but I came up with a pretty strong top 10.
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