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PopJustice Song Contest - 63 - Legends Edition (Quarter Final Votes Due Monday 12:00pm)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Hello one and all - It's that time again - another popjustice song contest!

    And the theme?!?!

    Well, this time around I'm going to ask all users to submit another song alongside their entry - this song will participate in a knockout tournament voted for by the PJSC users, songs will be pitted against each other in a 1v1 bracket that will run over the course of the voting period with the final two competitors battling it out during the finale reveal.

    "But Ducky!" you say, "What sort of song can I enter"... absolutely anything - this is a random bit of fun, go for britney, xtina, dua, whatever you want! It's a all extra. The only rule is only one artist is to be represented. so a bracket of full of Snarly Rae Jepsongs is ideal, it's also not going to happen. Also you can submit your Legend at a later date if you want to grab that spot first.

    so without further adieu....


    Submission closes Friday 9th 23:59 GMT Thursday apparently.
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  2. Ended up submitting my third choice, I'm praying nobody enters my favourite so I can drop it next month...!

    As for my legend song - I have submitted one of the greatest songs of all time, so good luck y'all. I'm hoping we don't just get the super obvious Britney/Mariah/etc songs and I can find some gems in that too.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Hooray this is exciting!!!!
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  4. What good timing, pretty much just as you were opening this I found a different song to enter.

    I will have a think about the side theme.
  5. Well, I THINK my legend entry fits the criteria.
  6. Theme fantastic!
  7. Yaaas
  8. Oh my GOD, the video.

    Still debating between about 57 possible legends, but for now, I've got my bop!
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  9. I think I've got some good ones this round. Not a typical entry for me either.
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  10. we've had one duplicate legend so far.

    legends roster is now being updated in the second post

  11. Ooh. I EXPECT to be able to do ANASTACIA or there will be HELL to pay.

    Oh. And I hope I was first with my song!
  12. Everyone should know who my legend is and I went with something a little more 'edgier' than my usual entries this time.
  13. Are we talking second album Hilary Duff edgy?
  14. Entered! My entry is a brilliant little tune that is probably going to finish 19th.

    Hopefully no one chose the same Legend as me - but if so, I have a backup in mind!
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  15. I've entered, I think I'll be safe with my legends entry but more worried about my proper entry. Had another song in mind but think it might be veto material so couldn't be dealing with that.
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  16. I have entered, my PJSC 63 entry is a bop can't wait to see if it does well (-cut to the final and it comes last-)

    As for my legendary artist I had to go for one of my favorite singers of all time.
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  17. Legends roster updated

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  18. All solo females so far?

    Seems about right.
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