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PopJustice Song Contest - 63 - Legends Edition (Vote By 25th) (Losers QF VOTE NOW)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. I can never be bothered to spell check it.

    after 12 votes

    4 of them are 50 / 50
    one of them is 11 votes to 1
    and one icon is being SLAYED.
  2. In my latest instance of being pleasantly surprised by hearing a pjsc song while out and about, I heard this one at Target today:

    I spent a few moments knowing that I knew the song but not being able to think of what it was, then the chorus came on and I realized.
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  3. Not my baby Lana losing by 1%... At least Nothing in this World is a certified bop.
  4. Go Paris, Go Emma and especially GO AVRIL!
  5. I think my legend doesn't have a chance in this round
  6. The worst is when you discover a new amazing song in the middle of the current voting period and immediadly get taken over with anxiety about making sure you submit it first come next round.

    And it's like anxiety for no reason cause no one was probably planning on entering it and it'll probably flop anyway.
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  7. Alcazar beaten by Avril?? The misandry!
  8. Iconique results.

    Poor Lana and Sophie though.

  9. So which one of you is the America's Next Top Model fan?
  10. Actually though how can they have lost 49-51? I mean surely there aren't enough voters for a 49% result to be possible. @imaduck explain
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  11. Hi, my name is @Mina, and I inexplicably haven't flopped in PJSC yet. I'm here this round to rectify that.
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  12. An 18-to-17 vote would be 51%-49% (if you round to the nearest whole number).
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  13. There's no need to cover for @imaduck's trickery


    Not being serious in case there's any doubt.
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  14. There have been between 25-32 voters in each round according to the forms.

    I think 30 for round 2 (but perhaps 31)

    currently 29 for round 3

    slightly less for round 1
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  15. S Club 7 is giving me
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  16. Poor Paris, but 41% against Celine's 59% isn't too shabby.
  17. Oh my GOD. Go Baby Spice!
  18. Erm...

    Emma Bunton beat Carly Rae?

    Wait what?


    I want it to be Euphoria VS Frozen
  19. Emma Bunton beats most things. It's just how the world works. And we love every moment of it!