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Popjustice's "The Slasher": Season 1 | The Slashies HAPPENING NOW

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. You really tried me there for a second binch.
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  2. The award show is running longer than The Grammys

    At least Sting & Shaggy aren't here I guess
  3. The award show is running longer than most of us campers survived.
  4. Yawn.


    How about I just... announce the award I'm due to announce? I hate fuckin waiting dot gif

    Yes? Ok!



    An award with a result that, similar to certain challenges on Drag Race, could arguably be swayed by what the shady producers decide to give you that week. Who could forget the baked beans? The low-key iconic rusty dildo in my and @johnny_tsunami 's death? Idea from the production team. We had to deal with shit backstage for that favouritism. Though honestly? It didn't phase me after days of ignoring the accusations of dick-sucking-for-survival I'd endured by that point.
    However, there were some deaths that were iconic due entirely to in-game fuckery and less the details of how they died.

    Let's get to it.


    The winner of Best Death is...



    @johnny_tsunami & @dodoriazarbon

    a 3/4-way! A situation not unfamiliar to the names listed here I'm sure. Thank you for the honour of sharing an award with these other murderous phåggéts, and thank me for being the semi-final girl and lasting the whole season through absolutely no production manipulation whatsoever.

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  5. Hmmt.
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  6. BTS footage from @Aidan 's dressing room
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  8. It was truly an honour just to be among such incredible nominees.
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  9. Dddddddd at me being the only "nominee" that didn't win. I somehow out-Susan Lucci'd Susan Lucci.


    The struggles of dying so early on.
  10. I'm glad that talent is succeeding at this awards show x
  11. Me collecting my 1/4 of The Alessia Cara Award for doing nothing but still being here, bitch

  12. *sneaks into the deserted auditorium in the hopes that someone has left behind a goody bag*

    Oh hello @Aidan. You're still here? That's good then. On behalf of my fellow slashers and myself I would like to present you with this most prestigious award, for the carnage you have inflicted upon the forum.
    I'm sure it'll look lovely in your bathroom.
  13. Time to close the thread and finally name it Miss Keisha, because oh my fuckin' god she fuckin' dead.