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Post-Eurovision Releases

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Be they Eurovision winner or flop, use this thread to post about and #promote your fave acts' post-contest music releases (should they be lucky enough to release anything else dddd).

    Currently I'm bopping to Svala's Blissful project which just released:


    and also Italy 2016's Francesca Michielin who just released her third album 2640 which contains the gorgeous:

    So what are your favourite post-contest releases be they past or present? And also who would you wish would release new music?
  2. A&E


  3. I'm taking y'all back to 2001 with this one, but what a song!

    *bops in Russian*

  4. A&E


    Whether or not you enjoyed the Croatian AURORA's vocals at Eurovision 2016, her album Samo is lush.

  5. A&E


    Scream this was a SMASH in Poland I completely forgot about! Thanks for taking me back to primary school ddd
  6. Wish I'd have been Polish tibb, the UK paid it absolute dust even with the minimal CD:UK promotion and an advert in Smash Hits. I stanned so hard for the song and was gutted when it's floppage ended up with the album getting cancelled over here.

    I used to peruse Amazon at least once a week looking for an import copy of it and it was never available. I eventually managed to get a copy of it about 8 years later and it was crap, but I'll always have Before You SIay Me!
  7. OH lemme also promo Lena's amazing 2015 Crystal Sky album:

    Ellie Goulding wishes tbh

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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. This masterpiece
    (and his coming-out)
  10. HRH


    I remember the hype/criticisms that she should have come back with this in 2006. Probably would have won.
  11. This sold me on Eric Saade. Filatov & Karas remixes fix even the most bland Euro tracks.

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  13. Ella Nor's (aka Leonor Andrade, Portugal 2015) amazing current single.

  14. Poli Genova's new single is great, she's a bad girl now!

    Bulgarian daddy in this video is just perfect.
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  15. ezgif-5-5db048f832.gif
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