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PRETTYMUCH - Would You Mind (Simon Cowell's new boyband)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. A timeless icon.
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  2. Their videos are terrible. They're pretty boys who can dance but in line with the "authenticity" trend they're trying way too hard to show off "personality". It's confused direction. Just pick one. (Preferably the more polished route since we're in need of that.)
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  3. Their videos are so frantic, you never get a chance to focus on any of them as individuals which might be why people aren't connecting with them.
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  4. The music isn't doing it for me, but I'd gladly take all of their numbers (well...the blonde one keep it).
  5. What about the 17 year old, do you want his number?
  6. Is it 2007.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Only 'till december 18th, lol.
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  9. Yasss at you knowing when he turns 18.

    I may have known this date off the top of my head too ddd.
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  10. All I can say for now is that Brandon is beautiful...
    *Waits 5 days.
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  11. wait 5 days? I don't know what yall are talking about because he's already legal in the UK. His birthdays on the 14th.

    Happy birthday Brandon!
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  12. They need to search CNCO on Youtube
  13. I feel like BTS has snatched whatever fandom was going to really put in work for these boys, alas.
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  14. These boys are being messy before even gaining a solid fanbase. One just had to apologize on twitter for saying the N word.

    I still don't know why they're waiting so long to send "No More" to American radio.
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  15. They deserve to be huge but it's looking increasingly like it won't happen. More amazing dance and a capella videos and fewer racial slurs plzzz
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  16. Release an EP of new songs or a debut LP.

    I liked how frequently they were putting out songs, but they came and went unnoticed.
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  17. New performance. Quality is bad, but I thought it was quite good.
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  18. Louisa Johnson can't get a 4th single but they keep churning out music? Where's the justice?
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