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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. I like the artwork (the Gold symbol sticker was just so out-there), and a couple of the non-singles are great, but I just cannot warm to the album overall. According to the (tedious) book about Prince's music I read last year, the album was jacked around with to such an extent (by Prince himself) that the end result didn't resemble how it originally was.
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  2. Love Symbol is fantastic - I love that it hints at the jazzier direction he'd take his music in ten years later.
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  3. And God Created Woman and Love 2 the 9's are among his very best work, everyone should hear those. The rest of the album is brilliant too.
  4. Symbol has some of my favourite ever work of his, but I never consider it when thinking of his "best albums". Morning Papers and Love 2 The 9's are gorgeous.
  5. I think one of the reasons I like it is because it feels like a proper journey. Most Prince albums are patchy and suffer from dreadful tracklistings. Nothing flows very well. LoveSymbol feels like his most considered and I just love the mix of different styles. Hollywood musical, Gangster Rap infused funk, Reggae, EDM, Queen inspired Oprah rock, Asian influence, big ballads. It just all works when it seemingly shouldn't. I felt his ambition on that project whereas others felt more art / i'll do what I want / subvert expectations projects. Which I love of course but being a lover of pop titans I like to feel the ambition.
  6. So I'm finally making my way through his work and...why is his debut so underrated!!!
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  7. I just discovered Gett Off.

    Good God.
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  8. Gett Off is titanium-clad, cacophonous, phenomenal sex-pop. The scream in the intro alone is iconic.
  9. For sure, in 1991 it made Color Me Badd sound very tame.
  10. Diamonds and Pearls has so many bops.
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  11. 'Get off' has the line 'I clocked the jizz' ha ha.
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  12. I feel kind of bad streaming his work. You know he's looking down at us all right now with the most disapproving (yet still sexy) gaze.
  13. Sadly, artists don't always know what's best for their own career. His discography should have always been available to the younger generation.
  14. There's a super remix/instrumental called Clockin' The Jizz on the the remix EP. Also containing Violet The Organ Grinder, which I was obsessed with more than the album at the time.
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  15. Does anyone know of any good documentaries of or interviews with the Purple One? I feel like melting in his magnificence.
  16. Erm - it always has been. There is more in this world than streaming/digital downloads. Some artists release stuff only digitally/streaming, I see no problem with other artists doing things the other way around.
  17. Just listened to God Created Woman per your all's raving about it and it is absolutely gorgeous...those harmonies in the "And if I never see you again" part is just...heavenly.
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  18. Well the problem is that most, if not all, younger people only consume music digitally. And sometimes they don't really have a choice even if they wanted to pop in a CD or whatever, since music stores are closing all over the place.
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  19. Not to mention the vast majority of Prince's catalogue has been OOP for years, especially the post-Warner material. And even the Warner stuff had become quite scarce before he died, at which point places started to stock more than just Purple Rain and The Very Best Of again.
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  20. RJF


    Surely more people having access to his back catalogue is... a good thing? It pretty much saves him from being a disembodied reference point in articles about other artists for a new generation. Saying, "Um, it's all RIGHT THERE on CDs and vinyl!" is just a bit obnoxious.