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Produce 101 Season 3 | Produce 48

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. The Produce thread have quite stood on their own here, so the suffering continues!

    Coming this 2018!
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  2. Are there even enough trainees to do this? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN
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  3. Every Korean citizen is now required to join an agency at age 8.
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  4. We're not ready.
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  5. Ddd.mp3 I never finished season 2, but I'm back in for this one.
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  6. I kinda resent my parents for putting me to school instead of shipping me to Korea to become an idol.
  7. The show is coming this first half of the year.
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  8. This season will be just girls right?
  9. Has there ever been a successful group like AK48 with the same theatre/election-style system in Korea? It seems like an odd venture to pursue.
  10. I'm surprised there wasn't an uproar over using Japanese format (well, if there are potentila for money national pride is irrelevant) and didn't the flop of THE BOYS24 teach them anything?

    I think they'll Koreanize the format. It'll be just 48 girls in standard idol group for like a year and then that's it.
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  11. Boys24 / IN2IT. But they boy group itself just debuted last year so it's still too early to tell.
  12. But didn't they cut it down to 8 members who are permanent as opposed to what I believe AK48 does where the lineup changes each release?
  13. That was always the end game for this project. Prior to that they did shows as 24 members for few days a week in theater. The whole thing was complicated.
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  14. It was the Top27 who had the opportunity to perform in the Boys24 Theater for a total of 260 shows. After all the votes have been gathered, the final 8 was chosen.
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