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Rainbow Trollsers

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rainbow Trousers, Jun 6, 2015.



  1. ASMR

  2. ASMR

  3. ASMR

  4. ASMR

  5. ASMR

  6. ASMR

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  8. ASMR

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  10. ASMR

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  1. The impact.
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  2. She’s such a scream. Read the description.
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  3. Does anyone remember the first time they experienced ASMR? I do vividly. I was about 7 years of age. One of the kids in my class had a carer due to her disabilities and she came and sat next to us as we played hairdressers and the combination of her voice and a classmate running her fingers through my hair made me feel so safe and content.

  4. Not Ricky having a new cracked't gay to compete with.
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  5. My issue with this is Linda has never been this quiet.
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  6. I wonder when Ricky's gonna start a MyFans page. He's desperate enough.

    Also, Maria got ha plaque
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  8. I love zaddy voiced twink king.
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  9. Ddd at her landing so many promotional videos. Queen of sponsors.
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  11. Sometimes I love just a super simple whispered video and Gibi seems like a sweetheart.
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  12. I like Gibi but her voice isn't very soothing to me.
  13. I really like this one.