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Random Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Rihanna is so good. She's always (mostly) been so good.

  2. Nawt my work playing this today and causing me to have a bop moment
  3. I know it's not the usual popjustice type of music but this is a fucking bop and a half.

    Had it on repeat for hours.
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  4. I'm listening to the centre channel of P!nk's I'm Not Dead album and I can't deny that she has one of the strongest vocals of a female artist, ever.

    Why has this version never appeared on any format?
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  5. This came on shuffle the other day and I was not prepared. What a bop.

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  6. The pure joys of 2002 pop.
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  7. I'm on a total Steps binge after seeing them live last night.
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  8. Hurrah! Beautiful ballad and one of their best!
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  9. Eternal bop.

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  10. It really is one of their best! I also love the routine at the end of the video.
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  11. Some major pop injustices here, songs that just missed out on the US top 40:

  12. ddddd I have a playlist, for no reason, entitled 'Your Love' featuring these four and:

    Kesha - Your Love Is My Drug
    Whitney - My Love is Your Love
    The Bee Gees - How Deep is Your Love?
    Drake - Find Your Love
    Caribou - Your Love Will Set You Free
    ABBA - Lay All Your Love on Me
    AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love
    Charli XCX - Need Ur Luv
    Calvin Harris - How Deep Is Your Love
    Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Baby
    Sade - Your Love is King

    Suggestions for expansion are welcome.

    Suggestions for expansion are welcome.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. This perfect bop:
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  16. I don't venture into the reputation thread anymore because it's quite a toxic environment, so I'll say it here. I bloody love the new album and think it's one of the strongest of this year.

    * obviously 'End Game' not included.
  17. Does anyone know how the 'local' awards of the MTV EMA's are decided? Like, how are the five nominees chosen, and how is the winner chosen?