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Random Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Can anyone tell me what this instrumental is from?


  2. The best The One. Island

  3. I could have this song on loop for hours, it's got this dreamy summer vibe, euphoric and chill at once. It's like the perfect soundtrack to those sunny montages on sport channels before a match (landscape, beaches, tennis courts etc).

    And my OCD is still waiting on the EPs + standalones to get combined into an album like she said the plan is. (They're probably waiting for SPS to grow more.) Her new music is really great. This one is overlooked on streaming (perhaps for the feature?) but it's so good, and the random feature guy sounds hot.

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  4. Someone on Facebook just unwittingly used a Kylie gif to illustrate "glitter" and I'm fucking beside myself with delight.

    God I love Kylie so much.
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  5. What do you know?
    I'm just a bad believer


    What do you know?
    What do you know?


    Show me your stones
    I'm just a bad believer


    What do you know?
    What do you know?

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  6. Reddit: Ya'll mind if I praise Love Live?
    me: There's an Umi in this room with my name on it. There's a Honoka in this room and it's here for me. There's a Riko in this room with my name on it. So I'm gonna put a praise on it! I'm gonna put a praise on it!
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  7. Her big singles like "Impossible", "Battle Cry", and "Perfect Nightmare" get the pub with reason, but this is a bop that I consider of similar quality.

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  8. Remember when fka twigs released music? I miss that.
  9. [​IMG]

    Also these miserablists:

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  10. This is still one of the sexiest house songs ever. That bass is delicious, and when Lady Kier comes in with the French part? Yas.
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  11. "Faking It" is my favorite Calvin Harris song. It's a genuine throwback to that bubblegum pensive R&B-lite era we had in the mid-noughties, and somehow sounds fresher than most of his recent material.

    That rap though. It would make Sabi cringe.
  12. Miss them dearly. This is the song I keep coming back to:

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  13. For a minute I thought this was an @Island post.
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  14. I've never heard or seen a more 2009 track. What even was that?
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  15. The second Pipettes album is such a gag.
  16. They're sorely underrated. Stylish, smart, witty, fun, sexy and cutting edge. There's nothing about Deee-Lite that doesn't appeal to me.
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