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Random Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Twice now @Island has left out The Last Goodbye (those girlband ballads), why do you hate talent sis?
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  2. Kerry's not on it.
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  3. If this doesn't win every damn Grammy it's nominated for, so help me God...

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  4. Bop.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    What a woman.

  6. Me, in front of my living room mirror, in 2003, lip syncing the fuck out:


  7. Party like it's 2009.
  8. I know she can be the epitome of basic at times, but Delta is always fucking perfect for my mood when I'm feeling torn up about feelings about other people as well as when I have my own things bottled up inside. Believe Again will always be my favorite song by her because it just brings out the light and leaves me without fear. The song is just a crescendo of positivity when I listen to it when I'm in a more somber mood and feeling a bit lost. For me, the song isn't just about that feeling when you find love again but also realizing your own strengths, happiness, and the gifts that you're allowed to appreciate in yourself.

    I lost my faith in love. Tonight I believe again.
  9. I'm not a Delta fan, but that song was beautiful, as were your words describing how her music makes you feel.

    Reminded me of how I have so much artists whose songs make me feel content and happy. Isn't music wonderful? Isn't pop music wonderful?

    Here's a random song that brings me much joy and feelings of appreciation to have such beautiful music in my life..

    I made this video too..

    I love music that captivates your heart and makes you feel alive. And it doesn't just come in the form of pop ballads..but of course you know this, because you are a avid pop connoisseur.
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  10. Delta makes music you can listen to while walking around IKEA looking for lamp shades.
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  11. I honestly wouldn't mind another record from him. Out of all the talentless ass men doing pop music, he was one of the few that seemed to care about his art and did decent things.
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  12. I miss this era/type of Little Mix.
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  13. Why does this bop so hard though?
  14. I remember hearing this and Despacito same day for the first time and was ready to let this shred my bussy to pieces for the rest of the year...except...Despacito was the monster, not this.

    It's an awful song, but that BEAT.
  15. Shazammed this song at a South American club night in Dublin that I happened to be at:

    Nacho - Happy. The next crossover hit?

  16. I'm super sleep deprived because I'm on my morning shift, but I was listening to this in line to buy coffee and "sometimes if I think too hard/ I forget that I'm a su-per-star!" almost made me burst into tears. This album is so underappreciated.
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  17. Out of the blue just passin' thru
    A young flight sergeant
    On two weeks leave
    Says "Molly McGee no one else will do!"
    And seals the tea-leaf prophecy
    Oh these nights are strong and soft
    Private passions and secret storms
    Nothin' about him ticks her off
    And he looks so cute in his uniform
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