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Random Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Shame about the new record's release date postponed to April.
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    The Saturday Night dance routine!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. As a last.fm user, I find it really annoying when one of my favorite artists come out with a new single or EP under a new (often shorter version of their previous, original name) artist name, because then if I want to correctly scrobble their new songs, I have to add a whole new artist entry, instead of just scrobbling their new tracks under their original artist name..

    I found this especially troublesome with my "now number one favorite artist", Anna Abreu releasing a new song under only her last name, "Abreu".

    The same thing happened with Amy Diamond releasing a few new awesome singles, now under her real, perferred" name "Amy Deasismont".

    Okay, so I get that a artist may feel like they want a major change and want to reinvent themselves as a artist, or they have to change their name for label ownership issues, but it really bothers me when I have to add in a whole new artist entry for one of my favorite artists, just to continue scrobbling their new music.

    I was wondering if anybody else has ever felt this way about scrobbling your favorite artists that you love.
    There seems to be a big trend now with artists releasing new songs under different, new artist names, and for last fm scrobbling, I think it just makes things more of a mess and more complicated.

    Plus, I thought that "Anna Abreu" was like the coolest pop artist name ever, but her going on now just as "Abreu, to release new music just seems a bit underwelming and unnecessary, especially with digital streaming services like Spotify now renaming all of her older music under "Abreu" now, which would make one incorrently scrobbling her older music if you were scrobbling from the Spotify app to last fm.

    I know, I'm a super nerd for last fm. It's fun to talk about this kind of stuff.

    I just wish that artists took a greater appreciation to last fm and their last fm artist profiles in wanting to keep them better organized and less cluttered.
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  4. This song has always got such a bad rep on here. There is no escaping some cringeworthy lyrics but the instrumental is fire. The middle 8 in particular is superb.

    "DONATELLA! ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo oooh"
    "DONATELLA! ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo oooh"
    "All of the day, I'm gonna wear designer and forget your name........"

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  6. The Twin Peaks soundtrack leaves me fucking dismantled.
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  7. Legitimately a bop.
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  8. I wish I had style, I wish I had flash
    Wish I woke up with a butt in Iraq

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  10. I'm enjoying this more than I should.
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  11. Why is my taste in music so all over the place?

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