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Random Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Kii
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  2. Every time I think I've moved on from this album I get obsessed again. I can't wait for her second.
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  3. First Aid Kit's new record is properly amazing. It is folk based but there are enough hooks and harmonies there to enjoy even if you are not into that genre.

    I also really like the new Jonna Lee record, called Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten under the alias of ionnalee. I think it is a proper follow up to the brilliance of kin.

    Other than these, Ravyn Lenae has released a little EP called Crush. And it is so underrated. Sticky is the standout song.

    New U.S. Girls record "In a Poem Unlimited" is also brilliant.
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  4. Maybe if you tried then I would not bother

    This. Fucking. Song.
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  5. Rave Spice.
  6. Won't




    Take my hnd
  7. I thought Meghan Trainor had disappeared to become a songwriter, but the turd of a video/song I just witnessed...

  8. I find it so fascinating that JLS literally left no impact on the pop world. They churned out hit after hit, sold millions of albums and sold out countless arena tours, but their songs have left no impression on the general public, its members really have no public profile and you never hear their songs on the radio. I mean, it's true their music ranged from mediocre to dire, and their aggressive devotion to the "annual album and tour in time for the X Factor live shows" formula really drove their brand into the ground, but I still find it so intriguing that all the Karens from finance literally forgot about them the day they disbanded.
  9. I... genuinely forgot JLS existed.

    We love a modern classic!
  10. I must admit the first time I heard this song was this:

    And to be honest, I think it*s a well done cover. I like the more polished production, though of course that leaves out all the "quirks" of the original.
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  11. Kelly looked so good in this video and this video is sex.
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  12. Now I know it takes three balls to juggle
    Fifty cents of humor's worth
    When and how did I become my mother?
    Am I getting on your nerves?
    Let's just not talk about it
    And fill the blanks with space
    Go to the park later
    Get some ice cream
  13. 2014

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    A banger.

  14. Are you sure you wanna love me?
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  15. Feel like one of those nights
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  16. So, I suffered a devastating harddrive loss 3 years ago and never fully recovered. It was almost 10 years or rarities, remixes, and was just so fucking extensive. Full of gems.

    Anyway, I decided to do a deep-dive in the PJ main page music archive (2009-2012), and will be eternally grateful that I was reminded of this masterpiece of a pop song. I legit almost teared up when I re-discovered it. Still as fabulous as the first time I heard it:

    I hope this makes someone else's day.


  17. there are some points she has made