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Random Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. I can't believe Joyride is finally (almost) here. She's so spectacularly talented. I went back through her discography today and started stanning all over again.
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  2. I love Kristin Kontrol, but fuck me I miss Dum Dum Girls.
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  3. AwOOooOoOoOOooOO~
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  4. We get to pick a song to build into a playlist and play every Friday morning at work and the entire office was GAGGED this morning when I dropped this.

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  5. Tamagotchi quality video but it's a bop.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    A bop - their debut album was stacked to be honest.
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  7. Why the fuck did The Feeling write such a beautiful song about rose wine.

  8. I stan.
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  10. I swear to God my crossfaded ass is having a revelation to Cheryl's 'Goodbye Means Hello.' What if life's goodbyes... really mean hello?

  11. Not kidding, this could be my favorite Kate Bush song.

  12. Completely forgot how much of a bop this is.


  13. Fun early Britney bop!
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