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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. If X6 drops next year, it better be eligible for Big Pop Girl status even if it debuts with 25k sold.


    Who am I kidding?

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  2. NO AT THIS.
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  3. @Aidan saying "Swish Swish" is my new favorite thing in the world.
  4. Xtina when she reads this

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  5. Get banned from the forum and it will surprise release the next day to critical acclaim.

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  6. A homeless person spanked me while I was walking down the street today.

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  7. Are you... OK?
  8. You're shorter than me but I'll still let you be the big spoon from time to time xx
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  9. Yeah, it's just like... wtf.
  10. @Laura Vanderbooben was looking better on the day she met Carly, that's for sure.
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  11. Progressive.
  12. [​IMG]

    Our song is a slamming screen door,
    Sneaking out late tapping on your window,
    When we're on the phone and you talk real slow,
    'Cause it's late and your mama don't know,
    Our song is the way you laugh,
    The first date man I didn't kiss her when I should have,
    And when I got home, before I said amen,
    Asking God if He could play it again.

  13. Why do birds suddenly appear
    Every time you are near?
    Just like me, they long to be
    Close to you

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  14. Quietly one of her best ever lyrics.
  15. [​IMG]

    So are you ready?
    Did you eat? Do you have the energy?
    Are you reloaded?
    Are you able to stay on your feet?
    Don't want you passing out after a couple hours of beats
    We're keep going and going and going, yeah, cause


    Basically what we're gonna do is dance
    Basically what we're gonna do is dance
    Basically what we're gonna do is dance
    It will come easily when you hear the beat, oh
    Basically what we're gonna do is dance
    Basically what we're gonna do is dance
    All you gotta do is take a chance
    Yeah that's right, it's sneakernight

  16. [​IMG]

    Rita Ora doesn't even have a goddamn album out, everyone shut the fuck up.
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  17. Every time "Sneakerfuckingnight" is brought up I'm reminded of the fact that dreams can happen.
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  18. Taylor wishes she could reach the level of corporate synergy Baby V reached by releasing a music video for a song called Sneakernight that prominently featured her Ecko Red line.