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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. I'm feeling miserable today and I intend on ruining as many people's days as possible.

  2. I'm off to London today to visit some of my best friends for the weekend...

    But don't let that thought worsen your feelings of doom and desolation.
  3. Oh god I hate weekend London tourists.

    The hesitancy over navigating the tube. The wonderment at escaping their everyday humdrum bumpkin lives. Their ugly outfits and chunky blonde highlights.

  4. I'm mostly looking forward to Jasper Johns at the RA, and avoiding Soho like the plague.
  5. You at 5am on Old Compton Street

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  6. Running down that Old Kent Road
  7. What Tove Lo lyric is this?

    Listening to Everything is Embarassing for the first time in months and that middle 8...
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  8. Me first!

  9. RJF


    I love the gays who go to London for like, two days, and take ownership over it in every conversation for the next four years.

    "I just feel so alive and at home there!!!!"

    Oh, imagine that. A homosexual enjoying the busiest and most metropolitan city in the country.

  10. Not the best city, thank god.
  11. When Sheila and Doreen escape their Essex village for the weekend and stand in the middle of escalators, don't let people off the tube first, shop at stores they'd find back in Brentwood anyway, and go see something like Aladdin on the West End.

  12. Building my iTunes Library from the ground up....

    Still on "A".

  13. I got nine hours of sleep last night, I timed out my commute perfectly and hardly had to wait for transit on this frigid day, got to work early, and am feeling blessed and unstressed.

    Then I open my email to an aggressive aggressive email from a doctor.

  14. I dropped my fucking gloves in muddy bus water, my new shoes are killing my feet and it's far to cold for me to feel my hands I'M READY TO FIGHT.

  15. Armie Hammer is my personal wet dream.

    So is 'booben too I guess.
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  16. The last celebrity comparison I got was Armie Hammer and I'mma run with that as long as I can
  17. SIS.
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. [​IMG]
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