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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. LTG


    Hey gwerls, today’s my eighth forumversary

  3. 200 days until my forumversary

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  4. My 8th forumversary was a few days ago and I didn't even notice but why celebrate being held captive all these years?

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  5. Radiohead/Kylie stans are wild
  6. @RJF now that you're on the Maren bandwagon, listen to this and thank me later thot:

    Bopping! It's What I'm Doing!
  7. groove slam work it back
    filter that, baby bump that track

  8. LTG


    We should have had a joint party xx
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  9. It's never too late! Come round mine later, there's wine xx
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  10. Thanks for the kind words ladies, I'm currently necking Shiraz whilst listening to this FUCKING BOP and awaiting dinner with my parents in a couple of hours, during which I'll be discussing how excited I am to start my new job on Monday and my goals for my 24th consecutive iconic year. After that, I'll be shedding all pretense of decency until Sunday morning.

  11. LTG


  12. sis the screener is out there

  13. Guess who can now watch 1080p YouTube videos without buffering.


  14. Think of the porn.
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  15. Oh baby, slow internet never stopped me from that.

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  17. LTG


    Say “general UK releases” again.