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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. WHEW there's a lot to process on that last page

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  2. I have to edit the same 20,000 words of content for the third time in 8 days.


    Not because I did a bad job ddd, just because someone keeps changing their mind.
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  3. According to Facebook, it's been 7 years since I came out.

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  4. RJF


    Hmm is Miss @cleo back?

    I guess we'll know the moment a new member makes their semi-confrontational debut in Random Thoughts.
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  5. who are you tho. also lowkey wish I didn’t start following people here so I could live my best thot life.
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. This restaurant just played Hero by maren Morris

    My pussY was perched and soothed simultaneously
  8. What moisturizer you use?
  9. Truffle butter
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  10. God has well and truly left us.
  11. Good.

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  12. When my boyfriend works late for the third night in a row

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  13. Why do PJ oldies and streaming give me such 'I've nothing against gay people but I wish they weren't rubbing it in my face on telly' vibes?
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  14. I get more, "Those horseless carriages will never catch on!"
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  15. Because that's exactly the vibe they are giving. ddd
  16. Similarly, how do @Sanctuary and others have the patience to repeatedly lay out facts and logic in the face of the predominant "Well, I don't like it so it shouldn't exist" mentality. The K***e thread has already exasperated me.
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  17. The Kylie thread is a wreck. But at the same time I'm totally going to be a bitter old gay and will probably be here debating where Born This Way went wrong and teaching the children about Joanne's impact 30 years from now.
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  18. @mindtrappa knowing what they were doing when tagging me:

  19. I can't at these people going ballistic over a supposed snowstorm that has yet to spit out a flake of snow and it has went from starting at noon to now 5pm. Sun is out and it's 46 degrees, a mess.
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  20. They'd have the token gay friend and then say they voted Tory.