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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. @BML was really funny and seemed like such a lovely person from his posts on here. Such awful news.
  2. K94


    What the fuck?! Not one of us?
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  3. Wow. Don't really know how to process this. My heart goes out.
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  4. 8D83D52E-05D0-4147-8649-C92F437BC3D7.jpeg

    His smile was so gorgeous. I don’t feel as if I’m crossing a line here by posing this as many people here adored him and should have something to remember him by.
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  5. He really did seem like such a lovely individual from his posts on here. Rest in Power.
  6. It's only when we lose 'one of us' that I realise how much I appreciate this board. I love the kiis, mess and general fuckery but it's also a constant source of support, kinship, advice, and discoveries.
  7. Jesus fuck, my heart plunged. I can't really process this. One of the absolute loveliest people on here; his eloquence was so sweet and dignified. I'll so miss watching him catching up on pages and pages of Random Thoughts weeks later.
  8. There's this unrealistic, lingering feeling of still waiting for another one of his rounds of catchup. This is so sad. What a light he was.
  9. Yeah it absolutely still feels inevitable that you’ll get to see what you wrote 2 weeks ago that tickled him.
  10. This is such a shock. I didn’t speak to them much during my time on here but they seemed so nice and always had something nice or of value to say. Goes without saying they were a great member in this community.

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  11. I think what always hits me hardest, especially in a digital world, is having a trail of where they last were online. Like, we have a record of his profile, here, Facebook, Instagram, Christ - we even followed each other on Discogs, and to have these frozen-in-time memories of their joy, sadness, silliness, and warmth is both bizarre and weirdly enough..."okay". A friend of mine took their life last year, and finding out that I'd been texting them after they'd already been buried still haunts me. It's crazy how in a world with technology that seeks to have us connect so hard, that we can still be left waiting and wanting answers that may never come.

    Rest in peace, Brandon.
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  12. This is well said. I was actually just looking up what he had just been posting about on here, and it was this:

    So, for Brandon:

    And I just went through my PMs, and he only voted in one of my rates, the CRJ one. This was his 11:

    I'm going to play them both and think of him.
  13. He adored Cassie too. I remember him stanning her debut finally getting released on vinyl back in the day


  15. He was also a huge fan of the legendary Aaliyah. I've been listening to her throughout today.

    My heart has been heavy, but this song always makes me feel warm.
  16. What a tragedy. I can only echo what everyone has said here in appreciating his warmth and kindness, he seemed like a wonderful person. My thoughts are with his friends and family.
  17. Welp, that Carly song just sent me over the edge. I was meant to go out tonight but I think I'll just stay in and listen to all this amazing pop music he stanned.
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  18. RJF


    My only direct interactions with @BML were thanking him for the likes, the fact he didn't miss a single round of Season 2 of Top Answer Game (KING) and he voted in Big Pop Gorls 2016. So to shamelessly crib @Laura Vanderbooben's tribute, here's his 11/10 from that rate. Perhaps not as poignant, but at least it helps build a bit of a picture of who he was to us as a pop music lover, which is really all I can do.

    Here's, quite clearly, to taste. And even more clearly, to someone gone too soon. I'm sorry for the loss to those who knew him far better. What a shame.
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  19. You get used to seeing the same avatars and they hold certain feelings. His Cassie avatar is synonymous with him and I always read his posts... I'm grateful for him slapping my arse into shape when I dragged Cassie's vocal ability and for pointing out when Sky Ferreira's album popped up on eBay.