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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. 2014

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    Whaaaaaaat?? This is just...so unbelievably sad. I feel like I've lost someone extremely close yet I don't know if we even shared that many posts together? This hurts so much and my thoughts are of course with his family and all who knew him. This forum is just so special to me and I know to so many others too, and we are a community, a family, and I will just truly miss his presence. It's just so beyond sad.
  2. Sending love to everyone.
  3. I didn’t know @BML very well, but this is extremely upsetting. Keeping everybody who was friends with him in my thoughts. I don’t even know what to say.
  4. I don't really know what to say. Rest in peace @BML. Keeping his family & all of you that knew him closely in my thoughts.
  5. Christ, this is so sad. I can't say I knew him as well as many on here but he joined a year later than I did so we've spent seven years on the same forum, discussing the same artists and he honestly always came across like a sweetheart who was really passionate about the music he loved. Funnily enough, following @Mr.Arroz ' post, I seem to recall our only private interaction being him sending me that 60 track anthology somebody had lovingly crafted of every unreleased Cassie track.

    His picks for his favourite 20 tracks of all time seems like as good a way to honour him as any:

  6. @BML managed to snag me a copy of Night Time, My Time before its official release and wanted nothing in return. He was kind and funny and intelligent. Holy hell, he'll be missed.
  7. And now I'm spinning 'One in a Million', crying a little and getting all existential about this little pop microcosm we frequent. Like it's something you just never really conceive for people you only know through a screen and when it happens it's such a tragedy.

    God speed @BML
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  8. How awful. I didn't know him well, but from what I gleamed of who he was on this forum, he was witty, smart, and had excellent taste. RIP.
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  9. So sad to hear this... R.I.P. @BML. I didn’t really know him that well, but his submission of “King of Hearts” in Ultimate Popjustice seriously introduced me to that track – it’s on repeat now.
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  10. This is extremely shocking, but I have to say, it's so gratifying and heartwarming to see the effect and influence that someone brings out in everyone.
  11. Also WOW he had great taste didn't he?

    Using the past tense still just sounds so... off. @BML has great taste.
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  12. I shouldn't have listened to this at work.

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  13. I'm watching Arrested Development and Ann is my aesthetic.
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  14. A revelation.
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  15. god
  16. vanity
  17. The mirrors gonna fog tonight zaddy
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  19. FIRO
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