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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Drop Dead Gorgeous is an underrated iconic film.
  2. I had a dream I met Allison Janney literally last night. She was in costume as LaVona Golden for some reason but also super nice, so there's that
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  3. Here I am trying to doze off and...
  4. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Does it though
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  5. Tryna sleep but ma brain is like buzz buzz it's me again binch
  6. I have literally no idea how some people make it through the day.
  7. This is...upsetting.
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  8. I wear the same pants for like a week at a time but I’m also disgusting ddd
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  9. Rih Mysterio looks snatched
  10. OK unless you're looking to be terrified, don't look up what's going to happen to America's Pacific Northwest when a big earthquake finally happens. Or when Yellowstone's mega-volcano finally erupts.
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  11. Nature vs man in a race to cause a nuclear winter first xo
  12. The bracelet is iconic. Lucille Bluth wishes.
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  13. My money's on the next Gaga album thread on leak night.
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  14. Why do you do this to yourself and why am I relating to it so badly
  15. This is always a good read when hoping to trigger anxiety.

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  16. I am...not clicking that
  17. Hmmm maybe it’s time for my bimonthly tradition of reading about serial killers that haven’t been caught
  18. Why would you regularly subject yourself to @Raisin Hell's post history?