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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

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    At work in our team meeting we all had to share how we were feeling and everyone else did and then it was my turn at the end and I think I’ve been thinking about Ms Nina Bonina Brown too much because I said “I don’t feel comfortable doing that” and made it really awkward for everyone and then remained silent for most of the rest of the three hour long call so I’m pretty sure I’ve just played myself and I’m going to be sashaying away at this rate
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  4. I’m so alone *weeps softly into a cracked mirror*
  5. Teddy Sinclair’s middle 8’s have really lost the plot huh?
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  6. Only the *spins wheel* of pop!
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. RJF


    Has 2018 been... kind of bad for albums? I've been trying to compile a Best Of list tonight and I'm kind of struggling.

    First Aid Kit - Rebel Heart
    Camila Cabello - Camila
    Young Fathers - Cocoa Sugar
    Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour
    Hayley Kiyoko - Expectations
    Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer
    Cardi B - Invasion Of Privacy

    Eight albums and it's nearly the end of May. That's bad. What am I missing exactly? I have this list of albums I still need to properly evaluate too.

    Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending
    Kali Uchis - Isolation
    The Wombats - Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life
    The Aces - When My Heart Was Volcanic
    Bishop Briggs - Church Of Scars
    Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel Casino
    J Cole - KOD
    Beach House - 7

    Help me here, because I'm starting to feel a bit adrift. Was the start of the year quiet? I feel like there's loads coming, but not a lot has actually come yet.
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  9. I would have suggestions but I don't think our tastes align very much.
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  10. Yeah, the only albums I've listened to and truly enjoyed are in that first list. I also need to further assess Kali, J Cole, etc. – loving Beach House so far, but I need to immerse myself in that album a little more too. I find that fewer and fewer albums really grab me the past few years, but I'm able to find a lot of singles/random album tracks to abuse.
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  11. Dita von Teese and Porches both released excellent albums this year. I also really like Tracey Thorn's Record.

    Tinashe - Joyride
    Sarah Klang - Love In The Milky Way
    RHYE - Blood
    K.I.D - Tired All The Time
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  12. What about ionnalee? Playboi Carti? The Exile in Guyville rerelease? Kylie?
  13. OH also how could I forget my beloved Blushing

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  14. Wait, how many albums do you usually get out of a year? I'm always struggling to list 10.
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  15. Oh I forgot about Dita von Teese. Charlotte Gainbourg's record was really good. MGMT had a few bops too.
  16. I usually get about eight out of a good year and really start plucking from stuff I only kind of half-liked to round out a top 20.
  17. This came out last year.
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  18. It usually depends on how much I think about it. 2015 and 2017 were pretty easy for me because we were literally assaulted with HUGE releases almost endlessly, but 2014 and 2016 were a little harder.
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  19. RJF


    I hated the Tinashe album and that made me angry for about a fortnight so I'm not ready to return to it just yet to re-evaluate.
  20. Understandable. I haven't really gone back to it much either, even though I do enjoy it - if I had to rank releases this year so far in tiers it'd be on the second.
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