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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

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  2. I feel like getting into a fight with a twink at Heaven tonight.

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  3. LTG


    Pride cometh before a fall

    Jk hope it went well xx
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  4. The dread will set in tomorrow when i'm hungover

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  6. This might be too frank for y'all, and feel free to delete it.

    But last night a D almost saved my life. I never was a happy bottom until this one. Converted.
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  7. Happy Friday y'all, this video of Kim Cattrall doing slam poetry just changed my life.

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    Hey hello whatsup!
  10. rdp


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  11. When it's new music Friday and everything is shit.... except Katy.
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  12. Is this Cherry Blossom or whoever.
  13. Send them a PM to coordinate the meet-up then
  14. oh so ruby rose hates katy because she gave her an awkward meet and greet photo
  15. LTG


    I'll have a side of dread with that regretamine, shame and fear.

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  16. do u sis, do u

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  17. She doesn't have the range...

    What a long ass day, let me watch a shitty teen film (Before I Fall), and hate my life for a Friday evening. Thankfully I have some ragu on a slow-cook for a lasagne tomorrow, so that's a plus.