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Random TV Stuff

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. You could give "Wonderfalls" a try, created by Bryan Fuller. It's absolutely wonderful, but there are only 13 episodes, so don't get too attached.
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  2. Couldn't find an appropriate thread for this but I've just re-watched some Harry Potter movie scenes and it really annoys me how wand spells are just endless white fireworks without any verbal commands. It was made clear in the books that every spell has a verbal command (and also that spells like Stupify have red lights) yet in the final battle of Hogwarts there's about 100 people running around pointing wands and white bangs just exploding out of them without any speech occuring.

    And also, the third generation of Skins are appalling. Nick is hot but that's it. I don't think I'm going to bother watching it any longer. It's been a bit of a weird show with the constant cast changes and the switches from comedy to drama and every episode focusing on a different character.
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  3. Not sure where else to post this, but I really wanted to share this sizzle I produced in San Francisco earlier this year. We are now trying to sell it to some channels, and is available online for everyone to see, and hopefully generate some buzz. It's a 3 minute sample of what the show would look like :)

    "Introducing Nice Tan. From writer-comedian Carla Lee comes a multicultural, female-led sketch comedy series set in the San Francisco Bay area that takes on identity, political correctness and life in a world that is not as woke as it wants to be."
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  4. The Teletubbies have offspring and I don't know how to feel about it.
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  5. New Channel Zero trailer. More excited about this than AHS, season 1 was superior horror telly

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  6. Surely this should be in the Horror Films thread?
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  7. The teletubbies had telebabies growing in their teletummys and nobody teletold me!.
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Apparently they've been around for 2 years too.

  9. Teleterrifying.
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  10. Skins has produced five successful actors and may be more... So I decided to revisit it. I watched the show when it aired but I found the comedy/drama switching too clunky and so never rated it too highly outside of the Effy episodes.

    However, on rewatch it really stands up as a great show.

    Effy is a great character in all five of the seasons that she appears. She could have been totally unbelievable but Kaya Scodelario brought it back down to earth.
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  11. I am so happy DOCTOR FOSTER is back.

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  12. One of my favourite ever shows.
  13. Her dissolving the wedding ring before taking a cigg accompanied by a gust of wind...

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  14. Oh my god fanTASTIC first episode. I was a bit weary cause more often than not the first one just sets up storylines but FUCK
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  15. Amazingly over the top, and utterly perfect.
    That final scene was fucking iconic, light that cig and plot destruction Queen of Revenge.
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  16. I'm still not quite sure if we really needed another series of Doctor Foster, but last night's episode nevertheless had me salivating for more. Unleash that inner wolf again, Gemma.
  17. Surrane Jones plays the part perfectly - and she's bloody amazing.
    I can't wait to see her destroy that fit as chuff ex of hers.
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  18. I love that Doctor Foster is at the right level of high camp/knife edge drama where I wouldn't be totally shocked if she fucked a fifteen year old boy in her quest for revenge/justice.