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Random TV Stuff

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Top of the Lake: China Girl was awfully boring. I can't believe I finished it.
  2. I quite enjoyed it but the ending was pants. Made me feel a bit cheated really.
  3. I kind of don't like how the ex-husband is kind of evil/the enemy in Doctor Foster now.
  4. I just started watching the original season to catch up, but I'm finding it such a slog to get through.
  5. Hasn't he always been the enemy?
  6. Yeah but it's much more obvious. Season 1 he was like Rex, Season 2 he's more like George when he was evil if I'm comparing to DH.
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  7. Yeah you're right. But his characterisation is a little inconsistent, one scene he's acting like a moustache twirling villain and the next it reveals he's really not in control of what's happening beyond pure chance. I liked the revenge angle but they seem to have just dropped it this week.

    I hope Gemma and Simon team up to destroy their shit kid if there is a third series.
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  8. I'd rather they destroy Ros.

    And bring in Emily Thorne.
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  9. I was genuinely upset that her 'one last thing to do' wasn't ruin Ros's wedding.
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  10. I'm on the second season of Please Like Me gherls; and it's great isn't it.
    I miss Claire, but alas, Josh wacking the baby in the shower to clean it after a shit; well, if only I'd have thought of that when looking after my niece for the first time.
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  11. Has anyone else given The Good Place a try? How's the opinion over here.
    Although it can be very silly, the show is smarter than it looks and very meta.

    The second season has been a treat so far, very worthy.
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  12. I was so behind and I just can't at all the praise heaped on Dr. Foster. I've just finished the 1st series and I think I refuse to watch series 2. Its a total joke. I love campy, over the top and don't really have a problem with ridiculousness either, when someone moans about things being unrealistic I'm the first to chime in thats a TV show and 'entertainment' but it was just making me angry to watch such a stupid stupid woman.
    I think its the tone, in that, if it was more campy fatal attraction-esk, I'd be into it more, but it's trying to be too real and I'm just sitting here rolling my eyes.
  13. I tried it because I love me some Kristen Bell, and the fantastical aspects of the show felt refreshing, but I just couldn't get into it, like, at all. The British ex-presenter is a really bad actress. I'm glad Kristen seems to have found herself a solid show on a major network, though; she deserves it.
  14. Ahh that's a shame to hear. Try and reach the end of the season, it really brings forth a twist on the story, a major one.
  15. I ADORE The Good Place! I'm rewatching Season 1 now before starting Season 2 because everyone keeps referencing the finale twist & I can't remember a thing about it.
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  16. Ugh I was googling the shows cast and read about the twist by accident.....
    I'm loving season 1 so far, gotta love Kristen Bell! And she looks amazing!
  17. Poor Queen Jameela Jamil.

    It's the finale of Doctor Foster tonight. I'm so perched. I'd be satisfied if nobody has a happy ending, to be honest. I started stanning Kate this series, to be honest.
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  18. Well that ending was bleak.
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  19. I think we could get another series in a few years but I'm in no great rush to see more of the depressing adventures of Dr.Foster. Maybe we can recast Tom with somebody who can actually act . . .

    The spoken to camera bit at the end was maybe a little much, I was half expecting the reveal of Simon appearing from behind the door for a reveal they had got back together in the hopes of luring him back.

    Still, you have to think her life will probably be better without that little shit ruining everything.
  20. I really like The Good Place. I feel like the first 3 episodes have been a bit samey with the whole reset and repeat element so I hope they figure that out in the next episode.
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