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Random TV Stuff

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Yeah the repetition has run its course over the three episodes but I think they were very ambitious, especially with episode 3 to burn through what could have been a whole seasons worth of stories on a lesser show. I'm excited to see how the new status quo works out with
    Micheal and Eleanor and the gang faking it against Vicky and everybody else.

    I'm going to need a Janet episode pretty soon or at least a reunion of her and Jason because that story line was brilliant in season 1.
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  2. I think all in all Doctor Foster didn't need to come back, it was a very messy series, but not in a fun way. So many ridiculous decisions being made by all the characters constantly distracted from my enjoyment.
  3. I haven't watched Doctor Foster series 2 yet but I really liked series 1. I remember thinking that they shouldn't continue it and I haven't read good things about it. Maybe I'll leave it, I've got a ton of other stuff to watch instead.
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  4. Big Mouth on Netflix, giving us Michael Stipe as a singing tampon.

    We're not worthy.
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  5. Well I hate watched the 2nd series and I really should not of bothered, its possibly the worst thing I've ever seen. That breakfast meal and conversation has to be the most shittiest scene ever written. What a load of utter tripe. I really don't know how the actors did their job, they must of felt ridiculous.
  6. Series 1 was superb, amazing TV
    Series 2, well ... it sort of started off OK then descended into utter chaos and completely unbelievable sheete.

    It has almost ruined the legacy of Series 1 and how amazing it was.
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  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-41648972

    Quite sad to see Crimewatch axed after 33 years I used to love the old reconstructions of the early 90s they seemed so much realer/creepier than ones of latest times.

    Even if ratings have fallen I think there will always be a place for a show like this shame on you BBC. Just one person among those lousy figures could make a difference.
  8. The cast of Moesha reunited on The Real.
    They had better do a reboot I will never forget them for how they ended it on that cliffhanger.
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  9. Degrassi and Backstage both need to be renewed. Addicting Canadian teen dramas.
  10. "Take me Lord, I'm ready!"

    The Mick makes me laugh more and more the gorier it gets.
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  12. This could be incredible! The Bold Type meets American Psycho. I'm always hyped for anything Waters-related, but I'm a tad concerned as Willa was the worst part of Scream.
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  13. Sacha Dhawan is walking around in his pants on BBC2 right now.

    I'm not really paying attention to the show but I would recommend it to any of the thirsty gays of Pop Justice.
  14. Thank god for Catch Up TV.
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  15. I don't want a thread about John Hillerman to end up with few replies so I'll just post it here but the Recent Deaths section of wikipedia is so awful yet informative. You read it and hope to not read names of your favorite stars.
    Today I found out Magnum P.I.'s John Hillerman died. They were a great team on the show.
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  16. Yeah I saw this over the weekend, such a shame. Magnum really was a great show, and his role as the butler against Tom's Magnum was a great pairing.
  17. A&E has been great lately because I recently discovered the Leah Remini against Scientology show and the Elizabeth Smart docu-series is also very compelling. I highly recommend both.
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  18. - GameFace is funny, Motherland is superb... That's two great female led British comedies on tv/catchup at the moment.
    - Howard's End is the Beeb giving us the traditional Winter Period Drama, and thus far, it's a steller adaptation of quite an unknown story, which I always find works best (I mean we don't need anymore Austen for a good decade).
    - Shameless US is the best it's ever been, like, it feels as if the show has a new lease of life, and I'm so happy it's already been renewed for another season.
    - Riverdale is going alright, though it's not quite as gripping as the first season, and it feels like a reaction to them having double the episodes.
    - The Walking Dead is horrendous, but I can't stop watching in the hope it gets better (the Carol episode last week was a spark, that I feel will be extinguished by this week's).
    - The soaps are gearing up for Christmas, I'm always excited when new producers come in, so Eastenders actually has me watching, but of course, Corrie (Carla returning) and a Emmerdale (Wow at that Dingle flashback episode) continue to keep me loving them.
    - I'm still obsessed with Grand Designs, and luckily have half the last series to still watch.
  19. I’m giving Brooklyn 99 a go as I see it’s on Netflix and I’m really enjoying it. It’s got those Parks and Recreation laugh out loud moments (and Andy Samburg yass!)
  20. I love it. And I crush so hard on Andy Samberg!
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