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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Mess at me finally meeting all the worst gay stereotypes embodied in a single hunty. A gossipy, catty gay who sucks up to the administrators and conspires to get people fired. What makes a person even behave like this in the first place?
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. Substitute this for children and it's me.
  4. Suddenly the Lisa Scott-Lee is you.
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  5. I've annoyed myself today, because I rang a friend to share some bad news about another friends family, and then when she gave me some bad news on top of it, I didn't react as comforting as, in hindsight, I should have done, oh at all, and almost brushed her news off, in the face of the news I had shared.
    I've been described as not being able to give comforting reactions to events, and that I seem to work best after I've digested things myself, and I completely confirmed it today.
    Ugh, don't you hate it when the people who know you the most are right about you, but you don't believe them at the time.
  6. So there's this girl I work with. I worked with her at a previous job and got her the job she has now because the other didn't pay well what-so-ever. She got engaged a couple of months ago and moved into a new home with her fiancée. Being the nice person I am, I threw her a housewarming party at work and bought her bunch of stuff for her new home. This was her first home so I got quite a bit. A couple of weeks ago, she asked if I would be the photographer for her wedding and I agreed without any hesitation. I gave her a price and she was fine with it. Last week, she told me her fiancée thought I was charging too much and said she was getting her sister (who was supposed to be a bridesmaid in the wedding) to take the pictures for free...

    I was pretty hurt. I trained her at the previous job she had, I helped her get this better paying job she has now, I threw her the housewarming party, I help her out on the daily with this new job and I even agree to shoot her wedding ... and one simple complaint from her partner and I was kicked to the curb. Of course I had to suck it up because our cubicles are right next to each other so I have to act like everything is okay when I secretly can't stand her anymore.

    Well today she told me that she and her fiancée have split and she doesn't think they're getting back together....... Is it sad that I found it pretty hilarious? Or am I just being a binch.
  7. This makes me so happy.

    I'm a horrible person bye.
  8. @ryan_riot92 one thing I've learned about people is that you can do as much nice things as you want for them, but the one time you don't meet their requirements/expectations they completely forget everything you did for them and hold it against you for life. Fuck people.

    My best friend just moved into my house and is treating the place with respect and we're still getting on fine, but he's eating way too much food even though he knows we're running out and don't have any money for a few days. I don't know why it's pissing me off that much but it just seems so fucking selfish. He's also whining because he can't get weed and is considering selling his jewelery for weed. Umm, what about selling it for food?! He used to smoke in the house but I had to tell him to smoke outside (which he whined about but eventually admitted it was the right thing to do as the neighbours were complaining) and yesterday I was in the bath when he invited someone into the livingroom to roll a joint with. I never have people in my house and LOVE my own space and peace and quiet so I'm finding him very frustrating and I have to keep asking him to turn the volume down, not to bring people into the house, to turn off gas and electric when he's not using appliances (he keeps falling asleep with the TV and a lamp on and I have to keep turning them off) and also he doesn't have a phone and is constantly asking to use mine to make phonecalls.

    I can't see him lasting here long. It's actually scary how much he's lacking in self awareness. Like, I'm barely charging him money and am more than happy to do the cooking and cleaning (I'm a bit of a control freak like that) and am generally very laid back and easy going but omg, I barely ask you for anything and you're STILL making it difficult to live with you.
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  9. kal


    I relate to this so much right now.

    I was at my best friend's place this Sunday when he asked me to lend him some money. I was too tired because I've been very busy the last couple of weeks and didn't have enough cash on me so I jokingly said my horoscope doesn't permit it today but I could do it tomorrow. He told me he needs the money for his nan's medication, but I honestly don't trust that. On Monday I spoke to his girlfriend and she said he didn't take it very well and after I went home he started going on about that one time he helped me change my car's tyres even though he wasn't feeling too well, which was ages ago and apparently I wasn't a good friend for what I did. So I decided that this time I'm not gonna help him.

    He'd been complaining about being broke the past couple of days and he is literally sitting on TWO laptops which he has no use for and could easily go out and sell in one day, which I asked him to do repeatedly, but he kept making the usual excuses - he literally pulls them out of his ass - "Oh yeah I'm afraid to go and ask how much they'd pay for this laptop because I think they'll charge me for that..."

    Now, just for some context, this is a person struggling with alcoholism and depression who hasn't had a stable job in years and the last time he worked was for less than a couple of months around 2 years ago. He relies entirely on his mother, (who works abroad to support him) grandparents and to an extent his girlfriend for his monetary needs and basically sits around all day watching football and playing video games. The only reason for him to go out is to go to the store to buy beer. He loves holding grudges over the most minute details and he will remember it for ages (literal years) keep pestering you about it "jokingly". The only positive things he's done in the past year is to pass his driving exam (after nearly a year of stalling) and occasionally help his grandparents.

    So, I can't even begin to count the times I've helped this person, both financially, emotionally and whatever else and I know he's in a really bad place right now but I literally cannot deal with this bullshit at the moment. I spoke with his girlfriend earlier today to ask if they want to meet up but apparently he declined because he didn't want us to get in a fight. I am running around over 13 hours a day going to work and university, and doing reports and courseworks in my free time and I'm now supposed to feel guilty because I didn't give his ass money and enable his laziness?!

    TL:DR - this post is an incoherent mess because I haven't slept well in nearly 20 days and people suck.
  10. Sounds draining! You've done the right thing. Don't feel bad that you didn't lend him money.
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  11. I need to have a small rant about the whole 'the customer is always right' thing. If you come to my store trying to return a shirt which has clearly been worn and still smells like perfume, without a receipt, then you are wrong. No we will not look up the receipt on our system, it's your responsibility as a customer to keep your proof of purchase. Then when I explain this in the most polite way possible, I get the whole 'I am a customer' speech and talked down to like I'm 5.
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  12. And he got kicked out today. Yesterday was my birthday and bless him, he did try to motivate me to go out and I did promise him I'd let him take me to Nando's and the cinema but I was so depressed and feeling awful and just lay on my bed crying for no reason and he got really frustrated and said some pretty nasty things in a temper. We calmed down for a bit and I went out to see my family, came home and we were very civil and polite to eachother then we started arguing again. He just doesn't get depression and thinks I'm trying to kill his vibe and ruin all his plans.

    This morning he offered to take me to town to buy me clothes for my brothers party - which is in a few hours - and I said no, then we argued again and I told him to leave. He said he'd never speak to me again, slammed the door, walked out and then replied to my sincere and heartfelt Facebook message with a blunt and aggressive reply basically saying the friendship is over.

    We've been best friends for months and we've done a scary amount for eachother. We've been there for eachother financially and emotionally and were like brothers until he moved in and we just couldn't get along. He was supposed to come to the party with me. The house has been so empty without him now and he still has left his clothes and things laying around. I want him back but I know I'll just end up kicking him out again. I just feel so awful and have to go to a party in a few hours and I REALLY am not in the mood. I feel like crying.
  13. They are the fucking worst, When I worked in retail before a woman brought back a thong, Yes a fucking thong and I was like that cannot be returned it's underwear, We don't exchange underwear in any way shape or form. Then she proceeded to tell me she tried it on and didn't fit, she hadn't got her receipt because she had small kids etc, I felt like saying we don't take knickers back darling now get that off my fucking counter plus it was Primark/Penneys not like it was Victoria Secret or something mortified for her.
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  14. (But animals are more important than loud things with pretty lights. Don’t get it at all.)
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  15. I didn't say they weren't. But I don't have any pets, so why should I constantly have to take into consideration the needs of other people's pets? I didn't set any fireworks off this year, and I haven't since I was about 16, but if I want to, I absolutely have the right to.

    Anyway, this was from ages ago.
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  16. My husband is being such a dick right now.

    It's my dads 60th at the end of the month and there is a birthday meal happening. They live 2 hours away and god forbid that I want to drive down beforehand, visit some family and stay overnight so I can have a drink.

    He's now informed me that he is working that day so he wants me to wait for him to finish, drive us down, have the meal and come straight back to Glasgow. No mam.
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  17. You tell him.
  18. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Fireworks are kind of lame, like you go out when it's facking freezing to experience pretty explosions, to me it's a more extravagant form of distracting a baby or pet with keys or LED lights and I don't get the fascination beyond being a child really.
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  19. I love fireworks. Like I don’t even know why they make me so happy. I hate people that hate them because I could spend all night watching fireworks ddd
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