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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Good thing they're being made illegal soon
  2. As if that will actually happen though.
  3. Showdown in the self-checkout line at Boots:

    Woman: "Louise, we get that you're pregnant, alright? You keep reminding us in every third sentence you speak. Congratulations. You're the first woman ever to be having a baby, so please, continue telling us about every single detail of it and ignore our problems!"

    She then got teary and stomped away.

    Other Woman: "She's just jealous because Nick lost her iPad on the bus." (!?)
  4. ^ I don’t do ‘likes’ but the above story is excellent ...
  5. I finally get Amazon Prime to complete having all my favorite shows streamable and of COURSE Veronica Mars was removed months ago. Mess. They also removed Degrassi and don't have Friday Night Lights so this is sad.
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  6. Grow up.
  7. Because the internet needs more cursory validation ... In the meantime ...
  8. Like I said
  9. LTG


    In the UK they’re restricted for sale to New Year, Chinese New Year, Diwali and the Halloween-Guy Fawkes period, so people do too much about them.
  10. I'm okay for limited use for celebrations of an organised scale but when every Ella and Jaymi can buy them to celebrate getting fingered... no.
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  11. Both your opinions only bolster my stance ... So let’s agree to disagree and we can get on with our lives without churlish posts appearing in our notifications?
  12. Who got the likes tho
  13. LTG


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  14. Exactly! Apologies for the faux drama ... The post was a goodun ...
  15. Shakira getting rescheduled.
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  16. Waiting, in general, If it was just for important things which needs patience and understing it would be ok, that's how life works.

    But I literally can't at people always magically delaying everything at the last minute, knowing damn well I am already out and just keep me out there in the old waiting for them.
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  17. LTG


    I always have a book on me so I can just read while waiting if anyone’s ever late.

    Also I’m not the best with timekeeping so I can’t judge too harshly if I’m left waiting.
  18. Same, I mean the thing is I understand and don't mind when it's something that the person cannot control.

    At the same time when people know things in advance and they delay 30 minutes before (when you are already out) it for reasons they already knew it does feel a bit disrespectful, but mistakes are mistakes I guess!
  19. Call centre training where 60% of the time is spent doing group activities, endless presentations and icebreakers instead of actual hands on learning. I've worked in so many call centres and I do appreciate how laid back and easy money the training is, but we were literally sitting for hours today drawing posters and having mundane group conversations about tone of voice and "buzz words". I've still got another two weeks to go. You'd think these companies would realise the best way to learn is simply start taking calls ASAP!