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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Myself, because Facebook is just re-introducing my apparent lack of self esteem and validation...

    Plus those fucking 'wave' 'wave back' things are stupid. Poking was the original icon.
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  2. That Americans pronounce Graham as Gram, Craig as Creg.

  3. I bought a couple of items online specifically because they were advertised as "50% off!" I get to checkout and a code appears that also allows me to have next-day delivery for £1.99 so of course I put that in too and proceed to pay.

    That evening I go check my account and they've charged me full price for the items... long story short, apparently because I entered the delivery code the promotions for the items were removed and the only way I can get the 50% off now is to send the items back and re-order?!! FUCK
  4. A friend of mine is actually named Gram, so he has the opposite thing of being called Graham by British folks (his twin brother is named Gage). The Cregg thing is horrible though.
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  5. How English people pronounce mocha.
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  6. Rude woman called asking for some insurance certificate, so I explained we were a tech company and not related to insurance and she got really patronising and said "you're a company right? Well, when you get audited you'll need this BLAH certificate, so go and ask someone to provide it to us."

    I put her on hold - or rather mute - and she made a joke to her colleague about me not understanding her so I unmuted and told her I was able to hear everything she was saying. She soon shut up after that.
  7. I live for these sorts of stories.
  8. Other people’s actions that become your problem.

    I’m a nurse and I had a phone call from a woman

    “Has the doctor seen my husband yet?”
    “No he’ll be coming this afternoon so I should have more information then”
    “He said he was coming this morning”
    “.... er, I’m not sure but I know he’s definitely coming later”
    “Oh but he said he was coming this morning”
    Rinse and repeat for what felt like 100 years
  9. Friend who didn't even wish me a happy birthday this year (and this is particularly bad because this is a friend with whom I had exchanged birthday presents for the last 20+ years, and my birthday was back in July, so even if she forgot she had lots of time to remember), getting upset I'm not up for travelling like 400km twice to go to her birthday lunch/dinner.

    Sure, if you can't even do something that takes about 5 seconds, I'm really going to spend my time and money on 2 long trips just for you.
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  10. LTG


    Squirrel as squirl.
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  11. LTG


    A lot of Scottish people hear my name as Graham when I say Liam on the phone.
  12. I am astonished at how angry and easily pissed I am lately, I do hate November overall in general (it feels all the bad stuff happens always this month), but I just feel this moments of anger that are quite impressive, especially since I am usually not that angry or sad, I wonder how to spit it out in a constructive way.
  13. Something that really gets on my tits is when grandparents make grandchildren call them by stupid names well beyond infancy. My niece and nephew - both now teens - are forced to call my brother in law's mother 'May-May' and my Dad 'Poppa'. It makes me wanna heave. Stop infantilising them!
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  14. The stories part of snapchat and it’s really patronising stories. Obvious click bait but they say things like “you’ve been doing THIS wrong all your life” and “guess WHAT will make you feel stupid” etc. Is it supposed to be endearing??
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  15. I'm in Florida now and I absolutely hate how people plant palm trees where they do not belong.

    Let it look like northern Georgia which is absolutely gorgeous!
  16. How everyone loves to say they're "perfectionists". Just because you like things being done properly doesn't make you a perfectionist. I study architecture and SO many people label themselves as perfectionists, but obviously it doesn't translate into their work.

    Also a bunch of people love saying they have OCD, when in reality they just like things being neat and tidy. Like, people truly suffer from this and it interferes with their day to day lives, yet people have the audacity to label themselves with this in order to sound special? Fuck off.
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  17. The toxic masculinity/self hate seemingly rampant in the gay community is both incredibly annoying and disappointing. Feels like we've learnt nothing,

    Compounded by the actions of this charming gentleman
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  18. Any radio station breakfast show that play stupid abridged versions of songs! I guess it’s to make room for more inane banter but seriously they play the first verse, the chorus, straight to the middle 8 if it has one then the final chorus. It baffles me
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  19. I have to say I do feel a bit offended when friends/interests, etc, cannot even bother to reply on messages without you having to wait them for days for their reply, especially when you know they are quite often online.

    Like... How long does it take to text a reply? It's difficult to not take it personal
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  20. That ‘Let Your Head Go’ by Victoria Beckham isn’t on Apple Music!!!