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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Something that really gets on my tits is when grandparents make grandchildren call them by stupid names well beyond infancy. My niece and nephew - both now teens - are forced to call my brother in law's mother 'May-May' and my Dad 'Poppa'. It makes me wanna heave. Stop infantilising them!
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  2. The stories part of snapchat and it’s really patronising stories. Obvious click bait but they say things like “you’ve been doing THIS wrong all your life” and “guess WHAT will make you feel stupid” etc. Is it supposed to be endearing??
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  3. I'm in Florida now and I absolutely hate how people plant palm trees where they do not belong.

    Let it look like northern Georgia which is absolutely gorgeous!
  4. How everyone loves to say they're "perfectionists". Just because you like things being done properly doesn't make you a perfectionist. I study architecture and SO many people label themselves as perfectionists, but obviously it doesn't translate into their work.

    Also a bunch of people love saying they have OCD, when in reality they just like things being neat and tidy. Like, people truly suffer from this and it interferes with their day to day lives, yet people have the audacity to label themselves with this in order to sound special? Fuck off.
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  5. The toxic masculinity/self hate seemingly rampant in the gay community is both incredibly annoying and disappointing. Feels like we've learnt nothing,

    Compounded by the actions of this charming gentleman
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  6. Any radio station breakfast show that play stupid abridged versions of songs! I guess it’s to make room for more inane banter but seriously they play the first verse, the chorus, straight to the middle 8 if it has one then the final chorus. It baffles me
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  7. I have to say I do feel a bit offended when friends/interests, etc, cannot even bother to reply on messages without you having to wait them for days for their reply, especially when you know they are quite often online.

    Like... How long does it take to text a reply? It's difficult to not take it personal
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  8. That ‘Let Your Head Go’ by Victoria Beckham isn’t on Apple Music!!!
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  9. I'm annoyed at myself. I'm preparing my final exam to graduate from University, and it has led me to work at home because it's comfortable and I don't have to spend money on lunch, so I rarely go out (whether to work at university with friends or just social activities), spend less time with my boyfriend, and eating pretty shit "feel good" food because I feel stressed.

    Plus on my free time I fall into a vicious circle of checking this website, Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, YouTube and playing games on my phone, and it feels absolutely sick and I know I should be doing something else but I can't get myself out of it.

    I just want mid-December to come quick so I can get rid of the pressure of my exam and maybe help me a bit to get out and break free from this cycle.
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  10. I'm annoyed at my job. My friend and I wanted to trade our shifts for today (His a morning to afternoon shift, mine an afternoon closing shift) because I have to leave town on a trip tonight and leaving in the afternoon would be a lot easier on me. Well we're no longer allowed to trade shifts anymore, because last month a girl in high school traded her shift with someone else, and then called out so she could go attend a school football game. It's unfair how the unreliability of some employees affects the employees that are reliable and consistent. Plus, we both work today regardless, it's not like we're switching shifts for different days.
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  11. When in a TV show or movie someone's nose is bleeding but someone else has to point it out to them.
  12. Don’t start me on shift swapping! People take the complete piss and ruin it for the rest of us! I used to be a real doormat and would swap anything for anyone but now I almost always say no out of spite
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  13. kal


    I'm selling some of my old gadgets online and yesterday someone was interested in buying my iPhone 4 so we arranged a meetup today at 4PM. I messaged him at 2 to ask if it's still happening and he replied that he won't be able to make it and basically said "maybe later" - what even!

    But that's not the whole story. I recognised his profile pic from Grindr and let's just say I'm not sure I want to take his money...
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  14. My partner falls asleep whenever we watch something so now I'm waiting for him to catch up with the two DARK eps I saw last night to continue watching it.
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  15. I also saw the first two episodes of Dark, but sadly without partner. Dark got me hooked though.
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  17. The fucking bus driver allowing a guy who's pass had expired to go to the ATM across the road, making us all wait for him. Then 5 minutes later he comes back saying there's an error on the machine and asks can he show his drivers license and try the next ATM a few stops down!???

    FACK OFF!!!

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  18. I jog down a street.

    Lady with child and bike comes out of her door, looks right at me barrelling towards them, AND PUSHES HER CHILD AND BIKE ON TO THE PAVEMENT ANYWAY.

    And she gives me evils.
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  20. Fingers crossed that won't be my problem much longer.
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