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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    The Basics:

    1. If you are interested in running a rate and have finalized an idea, please @ me or PM me and you will be added to the queue. Please do not start a rate without waiting your turn! Also, make sure to check the queue/holding room/completed rates list to ensure that your idea hasn't already been taken.

    2. I will PM you 1-2 weeks before you are scheduled to start. If you are unable to start your rate at that time, it's more than fine and we can postpone it to later.

    3. Rates will be run as follows:
    Week 1: Rate from List A
    Week 2: Rate from List B
    Week 3: Rate from List C
    Week 4: Rate from either List B or List C

    4. Please think it through before confirming the start date for your rate. This is explained more below, but basically, rates are a bigger investment than you probably think they are. Think about your schedule over 2-3 months and make your decision based on that. Your voting period generally lasts 4-6 weeks, and results take about 2-4 weeks.

    5. After your voting period has finished, you MUST PM the results to me. I will hound your inbox anyway to make sure this happens!


    The Ground Rules:

    1. Be aware of what you're signing up for - it's not necessarily easy and sometimes it's not always that fun either, but if you sign up to run a rate and get to do it, don't waste everyone's time. Whether six or sixty people participate, it's your responsibility to finish.

    2. You're allowed one voting period extension of one week. Literally anything else is taking the fucking piss. If you must extend the voting period, make sure it counts and actually hustle to get those extra votes. Don't let the thread languish. Get it up there on the front page!

    3. If a rate is inactive for a week with no explanation, then it can officially be taken over by someone who feels more up to the task, and all claimed holding room rates are also up for grabs. A week seems harsh, but any more just allows for piss taking. Especially if you're posting on the forum during said week and not touching the rate. If you provide an explanation, you're given another week to get things started again. After that, no excuses. Either hand over your results to someone who is capable of delivering them, or the rate is forfeited for someone else to start again. If there's something in your life stalling the process for two weeks, then quite frankly I doubt it's magically going to get better on Day 15. We can maybe renegotiate the time limits, but I think they're fair.

    4. If you need help, ASK FOR IT. Look, everyone just wants to see these things get complete. If you don't want to run it anymore, or don't think you can, or you think you can but you maybe just need a hand, please ask in the Rate Queue thread or in the actual rate thread. There's never a shortage of people who will want to help out to see things completed. There's not some benchmark to hit for presentation. People just want to talk about the songs and the scores and positions they reach. Everything else is just window dressing. Don't get bogged down by it.
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  2. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Ready to begin (host) [date]
    B – Big Pop Girls 2017 (Laura Vanderbooben) [December TBA]

    Currently accepting entries (host) [deadline]
    B – Black Girl Debut Magic (Mr.Arroz) [November 24]
    B – Neighbours Girls (Island) [December 1]
    B – Indie Girls 2017 (constantino) [December 15]
    B – Billboard #1s of the 90's (Ironheade) [December 16]
    B – The 1975 vs. Neon Indian vs. Tame Impala (AshleyKerwin) [December 17]

    Currently running (host)
    A – ABBA (Remorque)
    B – Disney Classics (Animalia)
    C – Ayumi Hamasaki (aaronhansome & ThisIsRogue)
    C – Natalia Kills (RMK)
    A – Alicia Keys (D.F.P., Heaven on Earth & Sprockrooster)
    B – Popjustice's Favourite Songs (ufint)
    B – Now 40-49 (Spiral)
    A – Pet Shop Boys (Ray)
    A – Fifth Harmony (GhettoPrincess)
    C – Goldfrapp (One Stop Candy Shop)
    C – Koda Kumi (evilsin)
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  3. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    List A: Big/Current
    1. Lana Del Rey (Petty Mayonnaise)
    2. Selena Gomez (DJHazey)
    3. Paramore (alanmr)
    4. Steps (Lost In Japan.)
    5. Kesha (Laura Vanderbooben)
    6. Taylor Swift (ohnostalgia & Petty Mayonnaise)
    7. Destiny's Child (EnsnareTheSenses)
    8. Lady Gaga (R92)
    9. Britney Spears (ThisIsRogue)
    10. Banks (slaybellz)
    11. Charli XCX* (Number)
    12. Christina Aguilera* (BEST FICTION)
    13. Lily Allen* (Posh Spears)
    List B: Versus/Compilation
    1. '60s-'00s Girl Group Debut Singles (berserkboi)
    2. 1998 R&B Girls: Brandy vs. Lauryn Hill vs. Monica vs. Whitney Houston (londonrain)
    3. Top 10 US/UK Hits (Rem)
    4. Charity Ensemble Singles (Hudweiser)
    5. Guy Sigsworth (A&E)
    6. Nellee Hooper (NecessaryVoodoo)
    7. Breakaway vs. Anastacia vs. The Best Damn Thing vs. I'm Not Dead (Sprockrooster)
    8. French Divas (soratami)
    9. Teen Pop Girl Group Debuts: Dream vs. 3LW vs. Eden's Crush vs. M2M (Angeleyes)
    10. Swedish Princesses, Part 2* (Lost Boy)
    11. '90s Eurodance Singles* (iheartpoptarts)
    List C: Older/Niche
    1. Soft Cell/Marc Almond (nnnumb)
    2. Blancmange UK Singles Rate 1980-1986 (simes1970)
    3. Siobhán Donaghy (beyoncésweave)
    4. Atomic Kitten (HollyDunnSomething)
    5. The Corrs (VivaForever)
    6. Annie (Heaven on Earth)
    7. Feist/Broken Social Scene (Oleander)
    8. BoA* (Deja-Boo & send photo)
    9. Lissie* (2014)
    * = Delayed
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  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Completed rates (host)
    1960 Hits (PopZeitgeist)
    2000-2004 US No. 1s (Ironheade)
    2005-2009 US No. 1s (Ironheade & ohnostalgia)
    2006 No. 1s (citoig)
    2007 No. 1s (Blob)
    2008 No. 1s (duffy)
    2009 No. 1s (RJF)
    2010 No. 1s (Cordell)
    2010-2014 US No. 1s (Laura Vanderbooben)
    2011 No. 1s (Mushroom)
    2011 US No. 1s (cortex)
    2012 No. 1s (Mushroom)
    2013 No. 1s (Jordananan)
    2014 No. 1s (Keifer3194)
    2015 No. 1s (IAmMrDexB & Laura Vanderbooben)
    2016 No. 1s (Pinkie)
    A*Teens (iheartpoptarts)
    Aaliyah (invertedbutterfly)
    ABBA: Part 1 (The Visitor)
    ABBA: Part 2 (hudweiser)
    Ace of Base (AcerBenII)
    Adele (Terminus & 2014)
    Alanis Morissette (One Stop Candy Shop)
    Alexandra Stan vs. Inna (Up Down Suite)
    Alexis Jordan vs. Killer Love vs. On a Mission vs. Perfectionist vs. With the Music I Die (LPMA)
    All Saints (Island)
    The Altar vs. Artangels vs. Froot. vs Honeymoon vs. Lady Wood vs. Nothing's Real (Petty Mayonnaise)
    Amy Winehouse (Pinkieshy)
    Anastacia (Jordananan)
    Animal/Cannibal vs. The Fame Monster vs. One of the Boys (First2Run)
    Anniemal vs. Come & Get It vs. Neon Nights vs. State of Mind vs. Ten (SophiaSophia)
    Another Place & Time vs. Can't Fight Fate vs. Heart of Stone vs. Runaway Horses (VivaForever)
    ANTI vs. Dangerous Woman vs. Glory vs. Joanne vs. Lemonade (RJF)
    Aquarius vs. Ciara vs. Me. I Am Mariah vs. The Pinkprint vs. Unbreakable vs. 4 (allyshone & Petty Mayonnaise)
    Aquarius vs. Goddess vs. LP1 (NecessaryVoodoo)
    Ariana Grande (Laura Vanderbooben)
    ARTPOP vs. BEYONCÉ vs. Britney Jean vs. Prism (RJF)
    Ashley Tisdale (Push)
    Atomic Kitten (Voodoo)
    Avril Lavigne (DJHazey)
    Ayumi Hamasaki (3Xs)
    Back to Black vs. Rockferry vs. 21 (SpanishEyes)
    Bananarama (VivaForever)
    Bangerz vs. Demi vs. Stars Dance vs. Yours Truly (RainOnFire)
    B'Day vs. In the Zone vs. Stripped (RainOnFire)
    Belinda Carlisle (VivaForever)
    Best of the 1980s (Eric Generic)
    Beyoncé (strangekin & RJF)
    BEYONCÉ vs. Born This Way vs. In The Zone vs. Rated R vs. Teenage Dream vs. 1989 (Oceandrive)
    Beyoncé videos (allyshone)
    Björk (Animalia)
    Björk vs. Joni Mitchell vs. Kate Bush vs. PJ Harvey vs. Tori Amos (JamesJupiter)
    Blackout vs. The Fame Monster vs. Rated R (Mushroom)
    The Blade vs. Hero vs. Pageant Material vs. Untamed (MollieSwift21)
    Blue Lines vs. Dummy vs. Maxinquaye (NecessaryVoodoo)
    Born This Way vs. Femme Fatale vs. 4 (jinzo)
    Born This Way vs. Teenage Dream vs. Warrior (ThisIsRogue)
    Boy Band Singles (CorgiCorgiCorgi)
    Brandon Flowers (2014)
    Brandy (Angeleyes)
    Bright Lights vs. The Family Jewels (StratusJM)
    Britney Spears (P'NutButter)
    Britney Spears singles (SeanXD)
    Britney Spears videos (Mr Telephone Man)
    Broke With Expensive Taste vs. The New Classic vs. The Pinkprint (Laura Vanderbooben)
    Bucks Fizz (simes1970)
    Butterfly vs. Impossible Princess vs. Ray of Light vs. Velvet Rope (JamesJupiter)
    Can't Be Tamed vs. Dignity vs. Unbroken vs. When the Sun Goes Down (RainOnFire)
    Carly Rae Jepsen (Laura Vanderbooben)
    Carrie Underwood (RainOnFire)
    Céline Dion (TheAlmightyAloud)
    Chapter One vs. Songs From the Tainted Cherry Tree vs. Sticks + Stones vs. Up All Night (VivaForever)
    Cher (Undisco_Me)
    Cher Lloyd (Posh Spears)
    Cheryl Cole (Call My Name)
    Christina Aguilera (playboy69)
    Christina Aguilera videos (vikeyeol)
    Ciara (vikeyeol)
    Circus vs. The Fame vs. I Am....Sasha Fierce (Mr Telephone Man)
    Danity Kane (Blayke)
    Dannii Minogue (Cowboystyle)
    Debut Pop Singles (HeartSwells)
    Delta Goodrem (Deborux)
    Demi Lovato (NuhdeensPassport)
    Depeche Mode (Ray)
    Dragonette (Alchemy Jones)
    Dua Lipa vs. Know-It-All vs. So Good vs. SweetSexySavage & Extras (slaybellz)
    Electra Heart vs. Halcyon Days (Jordananan)
    Ellie Goulding (constantino)
    Enjoy Yourself vs. Forever Your Girl vs. Like a Prayer vs. A Night to Remember vs. Rhythm Nation 1814 (Jeffo & VivaForever)
    Erasure (chanex)
    Eurovision 2011 (StratusJM)
    Eurovision 2012 (StratusJM)
    Eurovision 2013 (hudweiser)
    Faith Hill (MollieSwift21)
    The Female Boss vs. Killer Love vs. A Million Lights vs. Neon Nights (playboy69)
    Fiona Apple (Mister Unicorn)
    Fleetwood Mac (Mumty)
    Flop Girl Groups (DJHazey)
    Florence + The Machine (Can't Speak French)
    Florrie (Mushroom)
    Garbage (NecessaryVoodoo)
    George Michael (phoenix123)
    Girls Aloud (P'NutButter)
    Girls Aloud singles (Lost in Japan.)
    Girls Aloud videos (Rhombus)
    Girls Aloud vs. The Saturdays vs. Spice Girls vs. Sugababes (PopZeitgeist)
    Goldfrapp (D_ni)
    Grammys Best Country Songs (MollieSwift21)
    Gwen Stefani/No Doubt (Itty Bitty Piggy)
    Hands vs. La Roux vs. Lungs (StratusJM)
    Heal vs. Kiddo vs. Queen of the Clouds vs. Veritas (Jordananan)
    Hilary Duff (DJHazey)
    Home vs. New Eyes vs. Settle (camerinian)
    Howard Jones (simes1970)
    Human League (simes1970)
    Janet Jackson, Part 1: '86-'01 (P'NutButter)
    Janet Jackson singles (invertedbutterfly)
    Jennifer Lopez (RainOnFire)
    Jennifer Lopez videos (Mr Blonde)
    Jessie J (Mr. Right & GhettoPrincess)
    JoJo (RainOnFire)
    Joy Divison/New Order (Mr Blonde)
    Justin Timberlake (SpanishEyes)
    K3 (WhenTheSunGoesDown)
    Kate Bush (Itty Bitty Piggy)
    Katy B (Wills)
    Katy Perry (Jordananan)
    Katy Perry videos (Lost Boy)
    Kanye West (Number)
    Kanye West videos (Sam de Jour)
    Kelis (2014)
    Kelly Clarkson (RainOnFire)
    Kelly Clarkson singles (RainOnFire)
    Kesha (Laura Vanderbooben)
    The Killers (2014)
    Koda Kumi (3Xs)
    Kylie Minogue, Part 1: PWL (P'NutButter)
    Kylie Minogue, Part 2: Deconstruction (P'NutButter)
    Kylie Minogue, Part 3: Parlophone (P'NutButter)
    Kylie Minogue, Part 4: Extras (P'NutButter)
    Kylie Minogue singles (Cowboystyle)
    Kylie Minogue videos (SophiaSophia)
    Lady Gaga (Sam de Jour)
    Lady Gaga videos (IMHO)
    Lana Del Rey (Mister Unicorn)
    Last Year Was Complicated vs. Mind of Mine vs. Starboy vs. 24K Magic (eccentricsimply)
    Lights (Pinkieshy)
    Little Boots (Number)
    Little Mix (Jacket & First2Run)
    Loud vs. Speak Now vs. Teenage Dream (MollieSwift21)
    Lykke Li (HeartSwells)
    Madonna, Part 1: 80s (RJF)
    Madonna, Part 2: 90s (RJF)
    Madonna, Part 3: 00s/10s (RJF)
    Madonna singles (The Visitor)
    Madonna Unreleased (Raichu)
    Madonna videos (invertedbutterfly2)
    Mariah Carey, Part 1: 90s (P'NutButter)
    Mariah Carey, Part 2: 00s/10s (P’NutButter)
    Marina & The Diamonds (Jwentz)
    Max Martin (Laura Vanderbooben)
    M.I.A. (NecessaryVoodoo)
    Michael Jackson (Smooth Criminal)
    Miley Cyrus (Lost In Japan.)
    Monrose (Vixen)
    Namie Amuro (3Xs)
    Nelly Furtado (Mister Unicorn)
    Nicki Minaj (lemonsqueezyy)
    Night Time My Time vs. Pure Heroine vs. True Romance (Jwentz)
    NOW! 1-9 (Spiral)
    NOW! 10-19 (Spiral)
    NOW! 20-29 (Spiral)
    NOW! 30-39 (Spiral)
    On Your Radar vs. Saints & Sinners vs. Salute vs. Spiceworld vs. Tangled Up vs. Three (Island)
    One Direction (ohnostalgia)
    Panic! At The Disco (Wills, ohnostalgia & GhettoPrincess)
    Pet Shop Boys (JakeMagnus)
    Pink (Pinkieshy)
    PJOPS Winners (Hudweiser)
    Popjustice Flops (Mushroom)
    Popjustice Twenty Quid Prize 2011 (Blob)
    Prince (Jwentz)
    The Pussycat Dolls (LA Hallucinations)
    Rachel Stevens (VivaForever)
    Rate Winners (Sprockrooster)
    Rate Winners, Part 2 (ohnostalgia & send photo)
    Rihanna (Laura Vanderbooben)
    Rihanna singles (Mushroom)
    Rihanna videos (vikeyeol)
    Robbie Williams (CorgiCorgiCorgi)
    RuPaul & The Drag Race Contestants (GhettoPrincess)
    Ryan Tedder (Beginner)
    Saint Etienne/Sarah Cracknell (Ray)
    The Saturdays (Daniel!)
    The Saturdays singles (Blob)
    Selena Gomez (DJHazey)
    Shakira (JuanJose & D.F.P.)
    Shania Twain (MollieSwift21)
    Sia (NecessaryVoodoo)
    The Smiths/Morrissey (gezza76)
    Solange (Sprockrooster)
    Sophie Ellis Bextor (One Stop Candy Shop)
    Spice Girls (SophiaSophia)
    Spice Girls solo (SophiaSophia)
    Steps (Cowboystyle)
    Sufjan Stevens (HeartSwells)
    Sugababes (beyoncésweave)
    Sugababes singles (graffiti my soul)
    Sugababes videos (Rhombus)
    t.A.T.u. (Fluorocarbon)
    Take That (marie_05)
    Taylor Swift (Lost In Japan.)
    Taylor Swift singles (MollieSwift21)
    Tegan & Sara (ohnostalgia)
    Texas (Sprockrooster)
    Timbaland (KingBruno)
    Tinashe (Kuhleezi)
    TLC (lemonsqueezyy)
    Tori Amos (A&E)
    UK Eurovision Entries (Hudweiser)
    Ultimate J-Pop Queens (3Xs)
    Ultravox 1977-1987 (simes1970)
    Utada Hikaru (TheChoirgirlHotel)
    Utada Hikaru singles (3Xs)
    The Veronicas (Aidan & Mina)
    X-Factor singles (citoig)
    Xenomania (CorgiCorgiCorgi)
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  5. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    I have the following rates to run:

    X Factor loser debuts (Diana Vickers / One Direction / Rebecca Ferguson / Cher Lloyd)

    The Corrs
    Annie Lennox
  6. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    I'd assume we still aren't adding new rates that weren't already listed on Part 4 (where I had asked to do Hilary Duff and Demi Lovato) because those requests still stand.

    In the delayed/deferred section if Blob doesn't want Avril Lavigne's discography anymore, I'd be all for running that at some point down the road.
  7. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    I'm doing The Saturdays discography.
  8. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    And on the day it begins, I will cry tears of joy.
  9. A&E


    Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    Tori Amos singles* rate (older/niche) here.

    * unless there's demand for a bigger rate, which I don't think there is.
  10. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    Myself, Alchemy Jones and possibly others want to do a four-part Kylie discography. But that can be whenever.

    Thanks for doing this Rain.
  11. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    Ha, sorry to call you out Viva but maybe we should have a cap on how many rates you can have in the queue. I know previously it was more of an incentive to request many since the queue is so long, but it really doesn't help the situation! I think 2 is a good number, maybe 3 at a push.

    I'd like to request to keep the Lykke Li and Little Bootles/La Roux/Diana Vickers Vs rate please! (Could you get rid of my 00s rate?)
  12. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    I'd still like to do the M.I.A. discography rate, please and thank you.
  13. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    I will reapply for my girl Miley.
  14. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    I'd like to put my name for the Natalia Kills rate. Also, I would be interested in running an All Saints rate and.. later that Big Girlgroup Album rate I was talking about in which the tracks from Spiceworld, Saints & Sinners, Three, Tangled Up, Chasing Lights, and Salute are rated or whatever your favorite album is from these groups. If that rate happens, can people PM me their favorite albums from the likes of The Spice Girls, All Saints, Sugababes, Girls Aloud, The Saturdays, and Little Mix.
  15. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    Big / Current:
    Lily Allen discog
    One Direction discog

    The New Classic / The PinkPrint / Broke With Expensive Taste
  16. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    I'd still like to do a Depeche Mode singles rate, and a Bowie rate of some kind (the latter might be more popular what with the new Retrospective just out, so I don't mind which one gets precedence).

    Oh, and I'm down for a Duran singles rate too...happy to still do that one as well.
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  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates


    No problem. I've added it is as one rate for now, and when the time comes we'll split it up and make it more specific.

    Done! And you raise a fair point. If you still want all of those rates Viva, we might just space them out more if that's okay, so others have a chance to run their rates first after you've finished one.

    New rates are always welcomed, I've added you to the list. And I'm not even sure if Blob is an active member anymore...maybe try PMing them and you might be able to take it!
  18. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    I wanna see a Celine Discography rate - I know that cowboy had it reserved in the last round, but it was waaaaay far back. I could give it a go, if I played around with photoshop for a month [or so.
  19. Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    I'd still like to do the Sophie Ellis-Bextor rate which can come out of the delayed section now and the Come and Get It/State of Mind/Anniemal/Neon Nights versus rate.
  20. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Re: General Rate Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions (Part 5) - Re-apply for Rates

    Done! Also, the other thread tells me that you're running FKA twigs vs. Banks vs. TBA - do you still want to run that or should I move it to the Unclaimed Rates section?

    I'd still PM him just in case. And regardless, we'll be following the order of the other thread so you might end up having to wait a bit anyway!