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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Winners Rate
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  2. Thanks, guys! Will try to participate in the next edition of this.
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  3. @Raichu -- you'll really have to get a move on if you want your current rate to make it.
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  4. Yeah, I will try my best to finish the rate before the deadline. Good thing my rate is pretty fast-paced and we're already almost halfway through.
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  5. Looks as though the next winner's rate is slated for May 29th according to the first page, so that's your window. xx
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  6. Cool. My rate will definitely be finished by then.
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  7. Yeah, so far we're looking at adding Sugababes, Pop Boys VS, and maybe Country VS.
    I'll keep an eye on yours!
  8. Looking through this rate...man, Madonna really cleaned shop, didn't she? Surprised Frozen beat Like A Prayer tho.
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  9. My 11 was Frozen and it's one of the biggest pleasant surprises I've ever had in a rate.
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  10. So about the Winners Rate @ohnostalgia and I are considering removing the songs that already featured in the last rate as long as everyone's all right with that. As not to diminish the work of the hosts we'd do a special write-up or something. Here's the repeat songs:
  11. I like this idea! Bad Romance would honestly mop up most of the others again, and I'm not saying it's undeserving, but it would be nice to give other songs a shot this time.
  12. That's my feeling. Most of those are also songs we've rated over and over again.
  13. Please be gentle with the K-pop songs, hunties.

    Assuming they'll still be included in the rate.
  14. Yeah I don't really see the point of re-rating songs that have been in a winner's rate before.
  15. For the exact reason of having Bad Romance dominate things again, good call.

    Welp, they're all 10s though.
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  16. I wanted to give Say It Right my 11 but I'm fine!
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  17. Lowkey sad I didn't get to do it but I'll be busy doin Suffy for the near future.
  18. Oh I never saw this, but to be fair I had privately mentioned to people having this idea ever since the song one started. The others were never put into any kind of queue so I figured it could begin anytime. With songs & popstars seeming like they both going strong again, it felt like the right time. Hope you still plan to participate.
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  19. Of course xx