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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. The 2016 Pop Boys Rate is finished and the winner was Starboy. Sadly.

    @RainOnFire does that mean Indie Girls Rate is available? nñn Because if so... I'm interested.
  2. Yas.
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  3. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS! Yaaaaas.
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  4. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Ready to stan for Mans while everyone else does Loreen!
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  5. I'll participate but Portugal is getting -10000 and don't you dare think about altering my score or I'll find a way to ruin the rate.
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  6. Befour is still the winner in my heart.
  7. I think those two things can go hand in hand. Bad Romance is an 11 tho.
  8. The whole "oh you like it, so I don't like it" sentiment is stupid, but let's not go off topic.
  9. @RainOnFire: If @Booers isn't doing this any more and nobody else has picked it up, I'm happy to run a Natalie Imbruglia rate.
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  10. Incredible winner. Just.....WOW.
  11. I see your plans of taking over the world Pop Justice Forum are working.
  12. More like my plans to keep myself busy and creative so I don't completely give in to my currently bad mental health state, but yes let's go with that. It sounds like I have ambitions!
  13. nñn drag me
  14. [​IMG]

    Saving the world from unfinished rates.
  15. Me and @ohnostalgia doing promo for the opening of the Winners Rate:
  16. Ray


    It has no merits. I can see certain average appeal to songs like "Just Dance" or "Poker Face", I think "Marry The Night" is fantastic, "Born This Way" has rather fabulous lyrics, but "Bad Romance" TO ME PERSONALLY is the equivalent of nails scratching glass.
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  17. Quick (kind of insane) question: has there ever been a High School Musical rate? It could be fun!
  18. Gaging interest for a Teen Pop Flops of the Early 2000s Rate? I'm talking Mikaila, Kaci, Tonya Mitchell, Ashley Ballard, Angela Via... all floptastic teen queens trying to be that next Britney in the oversaturated pop market of 2000-2001. I don't see anything like it on the list...
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  19. That is incredibly specific.
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