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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Ray


    Please add "Voices" so I can give it a 0.
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  2. Oh, I seriously thought I had Outta My Head (Ay Ay Ay) on there, that's weird. I will add that one for sure. Do you think there's another track on that album that needs to be on there?

    And honestly I completely forgot that the duet version of Love Never Felt So Good was produced by Timbaland. I'll put it on there too.
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  3. I just checked it for Ashlee and the only single was Outta of my Head so that justifies it. There were also albumtracks in which Murder is probably the biggest fan favourite (also got some massive blog attention back in the day). So if you are also doing album tracks that could fit the bill.

    Concerning MJ (and I am basing this on wikipedia) Love Never Felt So Good isnot Timbaland, but from the album are:
    - Chicago
    - Loving You
    - Slave To The Rhythm
    - Do You Know Where You Children Are
    - Blue Gangsta

    Slave To The Rhyt was performed at the Billboard Music Awards with a hologram so that one might fit the bill the most for putting it in the list.
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  4. I just saw that Timbaland was credited as a producer on Love Never Felt So Good? I may not add it anyway though because it has way too many co-producers. So I'll change it to the other one then.

    I'll add Murder too, it's way too good!
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  5. Murder is an 11-contender and I say this while knowing Say It Right is there too so I am very pleased with that addition.
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  6. Oh jeez, you guys are not ready for my Aaliyah stanning. I'd include some One In A Million singles (at least If Your Girl Only Knew, One In A Million, 4 Page Letter if not all of them). He's also got some singles Like Up Jumps Da Boogie from his Timbaland & Magoo days.
  7. I'm fine with more Aaliyah, but I don't want to get the list to lengthy in running time. I could remove some titles but I'm not sure which ones. Suggestions?
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  8. I think we can do with less Justin Timberlake. Take Back The Night, Summer Love and TKO would be my picks. But I have no idea what the general consensus is with his songs.
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  9. I'd cut some Justin Timberlake if anything, maybe the album tracks. Mostly because I hate him.
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  10. Ooooh, this is going to be good, I can already pinpoint quite a few tens just by skimming the list.
  11. True. I won't mind excluding Take Back The Night and TKO (I'm not a fan of those either), and maybe Summer Love too because there's a lot FS/LS on it anyway. I do think Blue Ocean Floor, as an album track, should be there because it's a fan favourite.
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  12. It is totally up to you as you are the host. I have no idea what kind of chart positions those JT songs had and which one are fan favourites. But I also do not mind a more lengthy set of songs.

    Speaking of which: I just went through most of Timbaland's production discography (and oh my God... All those jams), but saw one big song missing: Beyoncé's Drunk In Love. Nlt sure if it is intentional or overlooked or maybe not produced by Timba and wikipedia is wrong.
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  13. Oh, keep the Justin singles. I'm not bothered about the album tracks.

    As a general rule I'd much rather see singles on that list than album tracks, given the extent of Timbaland's discography - except where he hasn't done much for a particular artist.
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  14. I didn't include Drunk In Love because it has 6 co-producers. Because of that it isn't really remarkable for his work.

    The two album tracks from him on the list are pretty important ones in his discography; they weren't randomized or picked due to my preferences. I'd rather not include his less relevant singles, just because it prevents the list from having too much Timberlake.
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  15. Compared to most of that list they are relatively obscure I guess, but if you want some variation

    He did produce these as well.

    (there's Wonder 'Bout too but that's shit, so)
    Unless you only want to do singles there's also Yeah I Said It if you want more Rihanna, the (fantastic) Heartburn by Alicia Keys, and there's loads of great tracks to pick off Afrodisiac (Focus, Sadiddy, Should I Go especially).
  16. A&E


    Some more suggestions re: Timbaland @KingBruno:

    Destiny's Child – Get on the Bus (single, co-produced with Missy but Timbaland also appears as a feat.)
    Jennifer Hudson – Pocketbook (album track, a bop)
    Jennifer Hudson – Walk It Out (flop single, has a Timbaland feat.)
    Keri Hilson – Breaking Point (lead flop single)
    M.I.A. – Come Around (album track, has a Timbaland feat.)
    Michelle Branch – Getaway (one-off single, more of a curiosity I guess)
    Missy Elliott – Hit Em Wit da Hee (single, UK hit and my personal favourite~)
    SWV – Can We (single, UK hit and apparently #1 in @beyoncésweave-land)

    Absolutely! Also, Who Is She 2 U was a single and appeared on The Best of Brandy.

    Naturally I second the Justin cull as well.
  17. So I'm okay with excluding Summer Love, but what should be there instead?
  18. This:

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  19. Also:
    Jay-Z - Big Pimpin'
    Missy Elliott - One Minute Man
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  20. I'll be starting the unreleased rate a bit later than anticipated (so probably tomorrow) since something just came up last minute
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