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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Oh @Remorque, I saw your wonderful post about @Mina in the "say something nice" thread and thought you might want to know about her future endeavors that you should definitely be participating in.

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  2. The voting period for the Utada Hikaru rate has been extended by one week.

    Voting now ends at 9pm British time on 24th July.

    Keep Tryin' to get those votes in! You all have Another Chance!
  3. PM me about this, sistren.

    I'll gladly give you my two pence on the subject.
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  4. Came up with this idea when posting albums for AlbumJustice. I think it would be fun if someone figured out what the most popular Japanese bonus tracks were from Popjustice favorites and made a rate out of it.
  5. I say yes, but only if @japanbonustrack hosts.
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  6. Random rate idea that popped into my head this morning while listening to Celine Dion ('Misled' if you must know). 90s Diva Bops - pop girls with big voices and the bops that achieved varying degrees of success.

    I guess if the rate were to go ahead, you could use VH1's Divas Live as a guide on who to include. In saying that, I'd say someone like Celine will have her bops done wrong, but there'd be enough competition between Whitney, Mariah, Shania to make it interesting. The other thing would be that Whitney's best bops were released in the 80s, which if I was hosting, I'd want to include.
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  7. Ray


    The dance mix of "Misled" is the one and only Celine track I actively seek sometimes. (Not often, but still.)
  8. I'm listening to the updated playlist for the Indie Girls rate inc. Lust For Life and...

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  9. Oooh, can't wait for this one! Looking forward to giving I Thought the 11 it deserves.
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  10. Never Get To Hold You gets my 11!
    (this is actually a great idea, I thought about it a while ago)
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  11. Just looking through the upcoming / current rates and Namie deserves a re-rate.

    I tried to look for @3Xs' original Namie rate but could only find the Namie singles rate, unless they're one and the same.
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  12. 3Xs


    I never did a discography rate if that's what you're asking about, only a singles rate for Namie, Hikki, Kuu and Ayu.
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  13. That's what I thought. Your singles rates are just listed as the artist, so it's not clear. In any case, Namie deserves a full discography rate as well. I could host it and would be happy to, but I think someone like @BEST FICTION would do her justice, but he's got his Xtina rate very soon.
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  14. Cohost!
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  15. [​IMG]

    Soon?! I want the X rate after X6, so if that could be delayed... About a Namie rate, I'd have no idea how to even tackle that, so it's all yours for the taking. I could help out with graphics and such, but I'm in no rush to take on something that big when I've never done a rate before.
  16. Ha I saw that it was second in the queue and thought you must be going ahead with it anyway.

    I can host/co-host it, but I know there are forum members like you who are bigger Namie fans and would do her justice. I think it'd be bigger than the Britney discography re-rate that I'd like to do after B10, and I was hoping to do something a little smaller before I take on that much material.

    A full Namie discography rate needs to happen, but perhaps it's not the right time. Unless someone else wants to take it on.
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  17. Can I sign up to run a rate on charity ensemble singles?
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  18. I'm all up for a Namie rate, don't let that JPop reign let up.
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  19. I was thinking a two part Namie Rate split between like... Queen of Hip-Pop and PLAY or something. @BEST FICTION I hardly think anyone will take the Xtina rate from you if you decide to do Namie in the meantime. If you or @ThisIsRogue need help with it I'm willing to guide you and help (not co-host though, I'm a bit busy with my current rates).
  20. Thanks sis, I appreciate the offer. I'm not going to do the Xtina rate until X6 (which means I have about... a year or 2 to wait). But I'm still not sure if I should take on such a huge discography for my very first rate. I will think about it though.