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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. So basically there's a number of categories and everyone enters a song for each category, then all the songs are rated as usual and whoever has the highest average across all their entries wins?

    I think another option could be ranking the songs in each category from favorite to least favorite instead of scoring them all (so basically a song contest format instead of a rate format).

    Either way, I love the idea and think it'd be really fun!
  2. I like the song contest/category rundown too but maybe there would be more fun in not knowing where that song falls (like for instance if there are extra Kylie as someone voted for her in Favourite Song by Favourite Artist or Album Tracks, beyond her original category) - this isn't revealed til it is eliminated?
  3. True, I was just thinking of alternatives because rates have to go through queue but games, contests, etc don't. Though since this would be a kind of mix between a rate and a contest/game, possibly with multiple rounds, hopefully it wouldn't need to be queued.
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  4. Nope. I’m not including straight women who used queer women’s sexuality for their gain!
  5. I was just kidding. Though then again it would be nice to have someone to save the other acts from getting last place.
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  6. I know, I just didn’t want people to get ideas considering some of the pushback I’ve gotten for my opinions on straight female artists appropriating queer women. All good!

    Maybe I should include a second Halsey song for shits and giggles. Or pick a dreadful Demi song as a sacrifice.
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  8. Vanessa is bisexual, and I know that the good sis @ohnostalgia will enjoy any chance to give White Houses a 10.
  9. I'm a lowkey Vanessa Carlton stan and I would love to give her multiple 10s in any sapphic or full discography rates.
  10. When is that damn Vanessa Carlton rate going to materialise?!
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  11. If y’all are gonna come for Jessie, fair enough, but remember that Gaga literally said “I am not a gay woman” on a television appearance this year.
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  12. I was reading this topic shortly before going to sleep and I actually dreamt about k.d. lang tonight. Get that subconscious promo @ohnostalgia
  13. On that note, I hope this can be included in the rate:

    A serious 11 contender for me.
  14. Because she’s bisexual. I don’t run around calling myself a gay woman either, it’s not accurate. A queer woman, sure.

    Especially when there are unfortunately many tensions between bisexual and gay women.
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  15. Hmmm, seems I should plan on making it my next rate after Selena's then. I didn't think it would have this much demand.

    Definitely understand that being the choice, but would also love Operator too, considering the rate.
  16. Operator definitely would be considered. I have to think about how to handle our bisexual artists- the point of the rate isn’t to have a bunch of love songs about men, but at the same time that’s still part of their identity.

    Good thing I have at least a year to think on it!
  17. It's obviously not anyone's place to police her sexuality, but the last time she referred to herself as a bisexual woman was 2013(?) and she has since made speeches regarding LGBT community as an ally which really confuses me. I wasn't saying she's lying, but if it's a celebration of queer women then we still don't know where Gaga sits.

    If it's a rate about exploring the POV of women in relationships with women, Poker Face, Sexxx Dreams and LoveGame would qualify.

    It's a topic I'm super interested in and have a lot of discussions about (not least my own bisexuality) but I tend to be sceptical of public figures coming out as bi and then backing off from that title later on in their careers because it only promotes biphobia in the long run.

    (Sorry to put any additional pressure on you ddd).
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  18. Lady Gaga is being included. End of.

    There is a tremendous amount of backlash faced by bisexual women who primarily date men and we don’t know how much that influences her and how she speaks about her identity publicly.
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  19. I'd help but you've taken all my picks, ignoring I Kissed A Girl anyway.
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  20. Half of The Veronicas!!! That might violate "no straight women" policy.