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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Because she’s bisexual. I don’t run around calling myself a gay woman either, it’s not accurate. A queer woman, sure.

    Especially when there are unfortunately many tensions between bisexual and gay women.
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  2. Hmmm, seems I should plan on making it my next rate after Selena's then. I didn't think it would have this much demand.

    Definitely understand that being the choice, but would also love Operator too, considering the rate.
  3. Operator definitely would be considered. I have to think about how to handle our bisexual artists- the point of the rate isn’t to have a bunch of love songs about men, but at the same time that’s still part of their identity.

    Good thing I have at least a year to think on it!
  4. It's obviously not anyone's place to police her sexuality, but the last time she referred to herself as a bisexual woman was 2013(?) and she has since made speeches regarding LGBT community as an ally which really confuses me. I wasn't saying she's lying, but if it's a celebration of queer women then we still don't know where Gaga sits.

    If it's a rate about exploring the POV of women in relationships with women, Poker Face, Sexxx Dreams and LoveGame would qualify.

    It's a topic I'm super interested in and have a lot of discussions about (not least my own bisexuality) but I tend to be sceptical of public figures coming out as bi and then backing off from that title later on in their careers because it only promotes biphobia in the long run.

    (Sorry to put any additional pressure on you ddd).
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  5. Lady Gaga is being included. End of.

    There is a tremendous amount of backlash faced by bisexual women who primarily date men and we don’t know how much that influences her and how she speaks about her identity publicly.
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  6. I'd help but you've taken all my picks, ignoring I Kissed A Girl anyway.
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  7. Half of The Veronicas!!! That might violate "no straight women" policy.
  8. Also (with varying degrees of obviously queer perspectives in their music):
    Missy Higgins
    Emily Saliers
    Chely Wright
    Brandi Carlile
    Lady Sovereign
    Sinead O'Connor
    Sophie B. Hawkins
    Me'Shell Ndegeocello
    Lesley Gore
    Tracy Chapman
    Janis Ian
    Ani DiFranco
    Joan Jett
    Ma Rainey (the lyrics to "Prove It On Me Blues" in particular were quite something to release in 1928!)
    Melissa Etheridge
    Dusty Springfield
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  9. If half of an act is queer I’m open to considering it. I really meant more I don’t want straight female solo artists who you could maybe read some subtext into if you squint. I mean I enjoy doing that lots of times, but that’s not what the rate is about.

    And I Kissed a Girl will never be in this rate and I’m sure you all don’t want or need me to have yet another rant about how much I hate that song (I also don’t particularly want to give one). We’ll just say I’d rather cancel the whole thing than include that trash.
  10. oh oh oh oh oh and also

  11. This year's best line™ can't be missing in @ohnostalgia's brilliant rate.

  12. Isn't Mel B bisexual?

    *gives 11 to Feels So Good*

    Oh and 2/3 of Stooshe are bisexual or lesbian.
  13. Lady Sovereign!
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  14. 2014

    2014 Moderator

  15. Something featuring Romy from the xx could be an interesting addition @ohnostalgia?


    I'll stop now
  16. @ohnostalgia please include Skin from Skunk Anansie. Thank you xx
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  17. R92


    Sorry to bug y'all about this, but does anyone have tips for a first-time rate host? Like ways to set up a score spreadsheet, ways to promo, etc?
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  18. Yes.
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  19. The Indie-ish Girls 2017 Rate


    Lorde - Melodrama
    MUNA - About U
    HAIM - Something To Tell You
    Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life
    Charli XCX - Number One Angel
    St. Vincent - Masseduction

    and more!

    Four weeks of voting left!
  20. If you have any questions about anything before the rate comes around, don't hesitate.

    Spreadsheet is always hard to explain in text. It'd be easier if someone made one for you if you don't have a lot of experience in Excel. I have like 5/6 templates on Google Doc that I use, depending on the style of rate.

    Promo options are a nice graphic in this thread ahead of the thread opening to get everyone excited. Then make sure to tag everyone in your thread to get a feel for who is interesting in voting, then remind those people periodically.
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