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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    It should be fine, unless they're both ready to start at the same time in which case one will be pushed back. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to be running two rates at once anyway!
  2. I can barely manage one at a time! Okay I will join @send photo for the Nelly Rate I guess.
  3. I mean....I wasn't talking about you or to you but....


    Unless you meant you wanted to take over @send photo's elimination in which case I would say that it's not a good idea since you didn't give his 11 that high of a score. I still have you down as an option for a guest elimination though so don't worry.
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  4. There's a Google Drive file floating around for rate hosts with the formulas, correct? Could someone send it to me? Thank you in advance!
  5. I thought you were just saying you weren't up for doing a guest elimination, so I was saying I could do one myself instead!
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  6. I hope my ballot will be accepted even if Powerless is not my 11. xoxo
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  7. Wow, I'm so here for these! Can y'all please @ me when you're ready for submissions. @Lost In Japan. @ohnostalgia @EnsnareTheSenses @ThisIsRogue @BEST FICTION @Posh Spears
  8. Can you pass it along if you receive it please and thank you.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. Oh. I knew I should have specified that I was talking about my rate ddddd. I mean I would definitely be up for doing a guest elimination in the Nelly Rate but I'm gonna have to find a way to sneak into the rate.

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  11. Paloma Faith hasn't had a rate yet, has she?
  12. It appears not. I'd be up for participating!
  13. Oh, I'd participate in this too.
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  14. Is Janet part deux of the table? Please not.
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  15. It was meant to be happening like... now... or in a week, I have all the art done and prep ready. But who knows?!
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  16. I would be so here for this!
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  17. I am 100% here for a Paloma rate. I can't wait to give this song the high score it deserves.

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  18. No offense, but why is there always a big log jam of 5,000 rates in the 'results' stage?
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  19. This is frustrating.

    @RainOnFire, can you reach out to current rate hosts who haven't updated their rates in a while and figure out their timelines to completion?
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