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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. oh my god
    Of all the artists I could do justice too in a rate, Miss Charles is one of the tops on my list.

    I would absolutely be down to take this over if people would like, yes I would

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  2. I'd certainly vote and would love to explore some of the material I'm sure I've missed over the years.
  3. What if she releases another mixtape before the album? What are we counting as XCX3?
  4. I suppose the question is, will we still wait for XCX3 for the start of the rate with the recent news that she isn't actually planning on releasing a studio album any time soon? In her recent interview with Zane it seems the album has taken a back burner to all her other projects, but again with Charli...grain of salt ect.

    I think it's a sizeable rate already with True Romance, Sucker, N1A and Pop2, and Vroom Vroom... add in the Super Ultra mixtape and some prominent features/singles from the last couple years and we have a huge rate already. If I was running I may swerve Heartbreaks and Earthquakes and any non-offically released leaks just for a clean selection of songs.
  5. Whichever Selena Gomez album the leaked songs eventually end up on.
  6. As long as I can give I Wanna Be With You my 11 idc.
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  7. You can at least delay it until you finish the gen 7 rate, maybe she'll release it by then?
  8. We are waiting for the dust to settle for gen 7, and I'm only co-hosting that one. (and we might have several folks guest eliminate just due to the......underwhelming gen 7 thoughts) Just waiting to get that started once my cohost has some time to dedicate, which reminds me I should get an update on that. Our tentative start month was sometime during Jan/feb for that.

    Should be no problem to start a Charli Rate. I think I would wait until far after the holidays anyway, in spring. (I guess I'm not sure when @Number was planning on doing it)
  9. I wanted to host once we'd received XCX3 - I've had this queued for well over a year now nn - because I think it'd draw the cleanest line under things and ultimately would be worth waiting for. I was thinking about hosting a small ballot before things officially kicked off to choose, say, 15 to 20 of the leaked tracks as people are very passionate about them and some are quite clearly realised songs. I think they're an essential part of the messy Charli equation and would add to the rate. But that's just my opinion!
  10. I'd be fine with including a fair few of the XCX world leaks, for sure. Especially if that was your original intent and the interest is there.
    It's just a matter of giving raters an avenue to listen to them, but I suppose they are mostly readily available with some sneaky searching...
    I'd honestly say without any uncertainty that I could consider N1A and POP2 fully realized albums.

    So I'd say roughly
    Albums: True Romance / Sucker / N1A / POP2
    EPS / Mixtapes: Super Ultra / Vroom Vroom
    Extras: 10 highly rated XCX3-era leaks, the 'official' singles (AtA and Boys), and a few of her huge collabs this year. (I'd be fine with about 15 tracks in the extras section)
    Maybe we could do a poll, like you said to see what leaks people want to champion?
  11. Anybody be interested in participating in a 90s bubblegum pop princesses rate? I'm thinking ...Baby One More Time, Christina Aguilera, Sweet Kisses and So Real.
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  12. Oh my god, hi.
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  13. YES. A chance to stan for Love Will Find A Way!
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  14. I'm here for this!

    Though I did have to Google what "So Real" was
  15. Your first thought was probably "can I have like ten 11s?"
  16. Would be interested in doing a female rap rate some time next year, as it looks like most of the women in hip-hop will be releasing albums.

    Cardi vs Remy vs Nicki vs Azealia vs Cupcakke vs Iggy.
  17. YES. Give me a chance to stan underrated anthems like Final Heartbreak and What You Want.
  18. I'm actually low-key disappointed there isn't a Jessica Simpson Rate planned anywhere.
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  19. I could rate the first four bop-packed albums, but would not endure any country music I'm afraid.
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  20. Country music? Kii.

    Easy first eliminations though!