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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. 7 albums looks like a lot....but if you were a pop fan in 2007 you should have heard half of them already, right? Also, the point of the album vs rates is to force people to give an entire album by an artist they might not have tried a fair go.
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  2. Ray


    Oh - I didn't want to cause that response. Sorry.
  3. Oops, I didn't mean to cause any trouble by suggesting Roisin. You did ask for our suggestions though.
  4. @Mina, at the end of the day it's your rate, your vision. I know exactly how it feels on the other end when people start wanting artists/songs included that I didn't have in mind and then it starts to derail my motivation towards the rate I originally had in mind.

    So if you want to just go with the seven albums you originally had, I'm sure we'd all be happy to vote in it.
  5. Ray


  6. Here is Version 3.0 (and probably final version) for the Disney (and Nickelodeon) Queens rate coming in early 2018.

    It's exactly 100 songs and I really don't think I'll want to change it much from here. I've spent far too long going over it again and again.

    Notes for why songs are here.

    -For main acts I tried to limit songs to around 10 and picked the songs that generally are most known/loved for each artist (but added an extra film-related song for Demi and Hilary to bump them to 11)
    -For Demi, Selena, and Miley...there was a definitive switch in the direction of their music sonically after 2013 for Demi & Selena and at Bangerz for Miley and I didn't feel those songs fit into this rate. This also applies to "Hothouse" and Ten Years for Aly & AJ, and Bridgit Mendler's later projects.
    -The Ariana situation is clearly applied here, because her one song during this "era" of her life is "Put Your Hearts Up" and everyone on the forum except me hates that song, so I've spared everyone the trouble. Ariana herself wants to distant herself from that song as well, so we'll respect her wishes and she'd crush the competition anyway.
    -Hilary got to have Breathe In. Breathe Out. singles because in terms of sound she kept very closely to a traditional 'teen pop' direction with it.
    -They didn't have to be Hollywood Records or Walt Disney Records albums (like for Ashley Tisdale or Hilary Duff for example).
    -I tried not too add any 'campy' or 'cheesy' songs from the Disney films and tried to make sure additions to this rate are solid pure pop songs.
    -All songs involved are at least promotional singles, despite wanting to add many album tracks, I resisted the urge.
    -I tried not to add many of my 'random' favs that would just get crushed early on, so I might give them a little "could've rated it" along the way. If there's a "who is that?" in most cases it's going to be what I believe to be a Popjustice potential hit.
    -For some artists that I didn't know, I listened to all the singles and hand-picked songs I felt had a decent chance to represent the artist well and/or were bops that a new listener could latch onto quickly and explore more if they choose.

    Disney/Nickelodeon Queens Rate

    Aly & AJ (5)

    Chemicals React
    On the Ride
    Potential Breakup Song
    Like Whoa

    Ashley Tisdale (8)

    Be Good to Me
    He Said She Said
    No Like That
    It's Alright, It's OK
    Crank It Up
    Acting Out

    Bea Miller (1)

    Fire n Gold

    Bella Thorne/Zendaya (5)

    Bella - Call It Whatever
    Zendaya - Replay
    Bella/Zendaya - Watch Me
    Bella/Zendaya - Fashion Is My Kryptonite
    Bella/Zendaya - Something to Dance For/TTYLXOXO

    Bridgit Mendler (2)

    Ready or Not

    The Cheetah Girls (3)

    Girl Power
    Step Up

    China Anne McClain (2)

    Calling All the Monsters
    What's My Name

    Coco Jones (1)

    Holla at the DJ

    College 11 (1)


    Demi Lovato (11)

    Can't Back Down
    Get Back
    La La Land
    Don't Forget
    Here We Go Again
    Remember December
    Give Your Heart a Break
    Heart Attack
    Neon Lights
    Really Don't Care

    Dove Cameron (1)

    What A Girl Is

    Emily Osment (4)

    All the Way Up
    You Are the Only One
    Let's Be Friends

    Hilary Duff (11)

    What Dreams Are Made Of
    So Yesterday
    Come Clean
    The Getaway
    Wake Up
    Beat of My Heart
    With Love
    All About You

    Laura Marano (1)


    Lindsay Lohan (4)

    Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)

    Lucy Hale (2)

    Run This Town
    Make You Believe

    Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana (10)

    Nobody's Perfect
    Life's What You Make It
    See You Again
    Start All Over
    7 Things
    Fly on the Wall
    The Climb
    Party in the U.S.A.
    Can't Be Tamed
    Who Owns My Heart

    Miranda Cosgrove (3)

    About You Now
    Kissin U
    Dancing Crazy

    Olivia Holt (3)

    Party on a Weekday

    Raven Symone (1)


    Sabrina Carpenter (3)

    Eyes Wide Open
    On Purpose

    Selena Gomez (9)

    Falling Down
    Round & Round
    A Year Without Rain
    Who Says
    Love You Like a Love Song
    Hit the Lights
    Come & Get It
    Slow Down

    Sofia Carson (1)

    Love Is the Name

    Vanessa Hudgens (4)

    Come Back to Me
    Say OK
    Let's Dance

    Victoria Justice (3)

    Freak the Freak Out
    Beggin' On Your Knees

    XO-IQ (1)

    We Doin' It
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  7. That selection looks perfect. Can't wait for this rate to start!
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  8. Make sure you vote in the one before it on the list to keep everything moving smoothly!

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  9. No 'Strut' for the Cheetah Girls?
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  10. When does that open?
  11. I am not sure. I have yet to be contacted to say I can open it. I wait for that, right?
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  12. Yes, @RainOnFire will contact you. But he/she is currently quite busy with all the stalled rates at the moment. I am sure you are ready to go for somewhere in February being at the top of B.
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  13. @RainOnFire, I hope this rate isn't holding up anything:
    because I think that one is definitely dead now. The host is posting elsewhere (and has even voted in at least one other rate) but this rate hasn't had a reveal since November 4 and the thread hasn't been updated in three weeks.

    (Even if it were revived, the reveals would have to be redone from scratch because the host seems to have blanked out the existing reveal posts. They had originally ranked them by total instead of average, which isn't ideal when several voters have only rated part of the song list...)
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  14. Nah, I went over their songs a few times and made what I thought would be the best choices for this rate. I will allow voters to send me honorable mentions with their votes and be sure to post them with reveals, or they can post their personal favorites and do a small writeup with it as is kind of 'traditional' with big compilation rates like this.
  15. Even though I hold nothing personal against that poster, I feel like this one would make a strong case to only host a rate in the future with a co-host. Just to be sure.
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  16. I suspect it was pure inexperience in this case, but announcing a rate with over 360 songs in it and a 3-week deadline to send in scores was a big red flag that they had bitten off more than they could chew. Even if they had revealed two songs a day, that would have been six months on reveals alone. Perhaps there should be an official limit on how many songs can be in a rate.

    I feel for the people who actually sat down and rated all the songs. I wanted to participate but just couldn't do so many songs in such a short time.
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  17. There was no way I was going through that many NOW! albums and scoring every song I knew. If someone ever wanted to do the NOW! albums they would have to just ask people to send in their Top 10 Eurovision style for each album and reveal the rankings based on what songs got the most points. This would actually be fairly easy for someone to handle.
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  18. Cosign on both of these points.

    I almost feel like we should go farther in cases where people start a rate and then abandon in midway through without even acknowledging why they're not updating it while still posting elsewhere on the forum, and ban them from signing up for hosting rates in the future (if not indefinitely, then for a period of a year or something). It's different in cases where the original host is forthcoming that they're too busy/overcommitted and asks for help from @RainOnFire or other posters in completing the rate, or when the original host disappears from the forum entirely (poor @D.F.P.). But in cases where the original host is still actively posting elsewhere on the forum, it's inexcusable.

    (I think for the most part, these people have realized that they shouldn't sign up for future rates and haven't done so, but I can think of at least one case where this hasn't happened.)
  19. 360 songs for one rate?!

  20. I think @Spiral has said they'll continue it in January but not given an exact date so they should probably think about that going forward.
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