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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I agree. It’s a bit like how songs don’t get repeated in the PJ song contests - I generally don’t like having to vote for the same song over and over. I’d be up for allowing the runners-up in the affected rates to be part of the winners’ rate, though.
  2. Ah yeah that could be a good rule to put forward. Just as long as the runners-up haven't been in a winner's rate either.
  3. I think the runners up would be a good compromise for the affected rates this time around (and for any rates not featured in part 2 for this reason).

    If we do this, I presume the list of songs would be up to around 35 songs at this point?

    If we do Eurovision style, we could wait for there to be around 45-50 songs and give everyone two Eurovision ballots (so a total of 20 songs to award with points). Does that seem reasonable? (I'd still be up for hosting/co-hosting.)
  4. Works for me!
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  5. So that would be:

    Sugababes - Hole in the Head // Xenomania
    Britney Spears - Toxic // PJ Favorites
    ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) // ABBA Discography

    I think this works because it doesn't penalize those rates that had repeat winners.
  6. I don’t want repeats included. It’s almost always songs that will dominate the field and it’s boring.
  7. I do feel like we should work on the whole concept of the rate. As @londonrain said, you are basically turning a lot of winners into losers. Something itches there and I do not seem to shake off that thought.

    Maybe we shouldn't call it a rate, but an appreciation or reflection of the greatest songs. Bare in mind that for most people some of these tracks are new and it can open up complete new undiscovered discography's (for me predominantly kpop the last time).

    I do feel like we are partly there with the absense of really low all around averages in the previous winner rates. However the order can be still very painful for certain voters. I feel like something in the vein of the PJ ultimate favourites rate should be installed (as discussed during the countdown). If you do not have anything nice to say about it, then do not say anything.

    With eurovision style voting that commentary is lost assuming people do not give commentary to their zeroes. However it should also be incorporated to not have comments like how is song X rated above Y? Which is unconvential for a regular rate I know and part of that countdown 'game'. But this isnot regular rate so different rules apply anyway.
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  8. I mean, clearly we need to wait for the Charli rate to conclude before we can even start thinking of another Winners rate.

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  9. You’re going to need to pick a backup host now with our new rules, I assume.
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  10. I was thinking about that, when I open the thread I will put out a call for one as I don't have anyone specific in mind.

    I trust miss @Petty Mayonnaise but y'all have lots on your plate, so we will see.
  11. I’d suggest the reveals should be in the normal rate style - one or two reveals per day - and hopefully that will give people time to talk about each song even if they don’t put commentary in their ballots.

    A rate is a rate (thank you Rihanna) so something will always come last and there will always be meltdowns from some of our more extra members, but hopefully the Eurovision ballot style will help minimise the messery. I know I certainly discovered a lot of songs when I voted using that style for the end-of-year chart rate, and I didn’t feel under such pressure to give a specific score to certain songs.
  12. Are you volunteering, @londonrain?
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  13. For meltdowns or hosting?
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  14. Feel free to keep me in mind as an option sis, I'm happy to help

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  15. Ddd, I was going to say I know @Posh Spears is a resident Charli stan but didn't know if he would be interested.
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  16. I laughed.
  17. I really like the idea of runners up qualifying (and hopefully possibly taking the crown) on the repeat winner rates.

    I should do a rate of songs with Hurt in the title to give Johnny Cash a chance but knowing how things will go, Xtina would win that!
  18. Either/or
  19. Ray


    Not both?

    @Eric Generic, would you volunteer to be backup for the PSB2 rate?
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  20. I’m up for co-hosting or co-meltdowns (if @DJHazey decides he’s not doing either).
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