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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. We'll all be having co(llective)-meltdowns if it's a proper PJ winner's rate.

    But yeah, I'd definitely co-host with you if @DJHazey doesn't want to host (since he expressed interest first).
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  2. I've got to continue cutting back on everything for a while, I think. Taking part in rates is almost beyond me these days.
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  3. @londonrain - will you be the Kelly to my Beyonce for the Girl Band Debut/Breakthrough Rate? @Mina - will you be the Michelle in case we both falter?

  4. Ray


    Ow, I understand *hug*
  5. Sure.


    ...I object to the idea that we might both falter. Bish, I literally saved a rate today. Why do we need Michelle?

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  6. HAHA! We need Michelle for the Kiis!!

    She Breaks The Dawn afterall ;)
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  7. I see how it is.

    (And sure, @berserkboi.)
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  8. @londonrain and @Mina - You two be the dynamic duo for the next winner's rate and I'll supply the meltdown when my Disney Queens winner is inevitably one of the first ten out.
  9. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    This will definitely happen. I used to ask hosts to send me the leaderboards for their results at the bare minimum, but since December I've made sure to ask for all spreadsheets and documents to make the process easier for everyone.
  10. But will you be the Alizée to my Mylène in the French rate?

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  11. More than happy to :)
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  12. I certainly don't expect anything to de-rail me, but would anyone want to be the Isabella to my Lizzie in case things go sideways? I've never not completed a rate that I started, but you never know!
  13. [​IMG]

    Hey Now.

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  14. Are there any rates from the 1st Winner's rate era that could be included in the next by their 2nd place entry? (if they were not represented in Winner's rate 1)
  15. Yes.

    Nicole Scherzinger - Poison - 2011 Dance Divas Rate @LPMA (Winner: Don't Hold Your Breathe)
    Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Gaga/Kesha Second Era - @First2Run (Winner: Bad Romance)
    Annie - Chewing Gum - Pop Sirens Rate - @SophiaSophia (Winner: Some Girls)
    Rihanna - Umbrella - 2005-2009 #1s Rate - @Ironheade (Winner: Say It Right)
  16. I wish I could start the Spice Girls rate. I'm so chuffed with the graphics.
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  17. Work is being a toutoune pi and super busy so please expect the Girl Band Debut/Breakthrough Rate to open tomorrow instead (which might still be today in some parts of the world)!
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  18. How come this isn't in the rate queue yet?
  19. No idea. But maybe because the Janet one was a continuation that could've started whenever it was ready, this could also be the same?

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