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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I'm so there.
  2. I cannot believe we have Britney preceding the Spice Girls rate and X-Tina following it. What kind of bubblegum pop fest!
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  3. 14 rate scores in my inbox (Will be 15 when I send my Ayu scores/mess of words in last minute this weekend)!
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  4. My bad! Glad you're available.
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  5. Do all rates need a backup host? I better start auditioning for "backup rate host" for my Atomic Kitten Discography rate - coming SOON*.

    *I feel like I've said soon more than MKS about their album.
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  6. Yes, they do. So here’s a chance to create an elaborate audition plot.
  7. When choosing her backup kitten, will @HollyDunnSomething go for a Heidi Range type (an urban legend whose proof of involvement can never be definitively uncovered), a Kerry Katona type (an image girl with considerable stage presence but questionable abilities), or a Jenny Frost type (a good team player who's content to dance in the background)?
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  8. ^ Not a Michelle Heaton then?
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  9. Eaux.

    I wasn't expecting it to be at the top of the queue so quickly but most of the A list has been delayed. I wasn't planning to run it until July at the earliest, so I think I want to delay mine too. I'm glad I came in here to check!

    I presume @BEST FICTION will want to delay Christina's rate until after he's completed all parts of the Namie Rate (and Liberation is released).

    I also need to find a back-up host as well. What are the rules? Do they have to have voted in at least 2 rates?
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  10. I didn't realise we could have a rate queued up while still running one (the @BEST FICTION example). Can I do that?
  11. I think it's a unique situation because I believe he signed up to do a full Christina rate a couple of years ago, in anticipation of X6. And well, we all know what's happened.
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  12. Technically the 2 other parts of my Namie rate don’t need to go through the queue to start which is why RainOnFire was able to add my Xtina discography rate back into the queue just to ensure it doesn’t get snatched from me. But it’ll still be a while before I get started on that.
  13. Can you imagine if anyone dared to do that? I expect half the forum would boycott the rate in protest.
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  14. Oh my god an Xtina rate will just end me. So many brilliant oddities as well as album gems. 'Hello' for example!
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  15. All these delayed rates...

  16. French Divas is delayed too?
  17. I am now also delayed cause a month ago I was still 5th on the list and I haven't started preparing yet. I also have a bit of a crowded life the coming 2 months. So I can start somewhere in May.
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  18. Finding part 2 of the Faves Rate creeping closer and closer.

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  19. I imagine the only rate that was more traumatizing than that one in recent memory was your winner's rate part II last summer xx.
  20. I was asked yesterday if I could start it on the 9th, but I can't on such short notice, especially as I'm going to be pretty busy these next couple of weeks. I never expected it to be so soon as last I checked I was 4th on the list!
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