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Rate Queue (sign up here to run a rate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Glad to know your participants will be able to revisit your round 1 PJ00s smash xx.
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  2. Except that the demo version of Intuition I entered was recorded sometime before her sophomore album was released and the final version is part of her third album. Her debut album has nothing to do with it. xx

    It will show up in some form in the rate, though.
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  3. A random thought: Siouxsie and the Banshees deserve some type of rate. Whether a discography or a singles one or VS. sth else, I'd be here for it (as a participant, obviously).
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  4. I'm surprised it hasn't been done before! I'm definitely here for it as well.

    If it's VS, The Cure would be the perfect counterpart.
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  5. And with 11 albums a discography rate would probably warrant two parts. But maybe the interest wouldn't be there for something so extensive. I don't see them mentioned very often outside of their thread, so yeah...
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  6. I think sticking to singles would probably be best. Combining their singles, maybe a handful of big album tracks and Siouxsie's 3 solo singles gives you about 40 songs which is a good amount for a rate. If it ends up as a VS rate I suppose it'd be around twice as many.
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  7. Yep. Great suggestion. Someone knowledgeable should totally go for it.
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  8. If The Cure was involved, I would totally be down to run that (or run it with somebody else) since I wanted to do a The Cure singles/discography rate but there didn't seem to be enough interest. Maybe bring Joy Division and one other act in. And maybe just rate what's considered each act's best album.
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  9. @RainOnFire

    Voting is now opened for the female zeroes poprock rate! Deadline is set for June 30 and my back-up is @Mina!

    Everybody, come in and join in and appreciate the best in poprock from a decade! Save your fave!
  10. That one's been brought up before! I'd say Robyn is a straight-up pop song and we've concluded Robin S is more dance/house than Eurodance. It's a long list already, so we've got to be a bit particular here!
  11. We have a stone-cold Popjustice classic on our hands as it has gone and done it again. The Disney Queens rate is finished and the winning post can be found here.

    @RainOnFire, @iheartpoptarts and I would be ready to open 90s Eurodance sometime in June.

    Also please put me on the queue for my next solo rate which will be the Vanessa Carlton Discography rate. Thank you.
  12. @beyoncésweave IT’S COMING.
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  13. Yup, let me also tag @Oleander because I think they were also looking forward to it.
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  14. Lipgloss has won the Charli XCX Discography rate.


  15. to vote in the Avicii discography rate.

    It's more than just EDM! Please do check out my album spotlights here (particularly the later releases) if you're on the fence.
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