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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, May 1, 2016.

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    Sun Comes Up is a bop tbh.
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  2. Hi all, I am a long time lurker here but thought I signed up as I need some advice. I’m pretty much all cried out since last weekend when my boyfriend of four years said something fundamental is missing in this relationship and it’s the end of the road for us. Felt like a bomb was dropped on me and it hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep most nights. There were times at work where I had to go to the bathroom to cry multiple times a day - it’s that bad. We were buying a house together and now this happened.

    About three months ago we had a similar conversation which is basically we have been having intimacy issues, which has led to trust issues and the same issues are being raised now which he feels has been missing in this relationship. We said at the time we will work through it, but if I’m honest with myself we didn’t even try.

    In my hearts of hearts I feel like he’s the one, I wake up feeling happy next to him and I can’t imagine myself living without him. I dream of our future with him and I never felt like this about someone else, but the intimacy issue and us not working through it has subconsciously and unfortunately made me (and him) seek attention from other guys when we were not together, without I guess thinking the consequences.

    I’ve been so heartbroken and keep asking what ifs but equally I don’t want to seems desperate and force things when he feels it hasn’t worked out.

    I genuinely think we didn’t try and avoided the issue till it snowballed. I believe everyone’s got that one shot of happiness in life and I just cant bear the thought of walking away from this relationship without feeling like I/we have given 100%, faults and all. If it still doesn’t work out I think I will be at peace knowing that we have given it our all.

    The sex used to be great but for the past year it’s been irregular and I guess we were just lazy, and not communicating enough of what we like.

    Please tell me that this problem is fixable or am I being stubborn here hanging onto something just because it’s been four years and this issue will always coming up in the future like it has in the past?
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  3. If you both agree on what the issue is, and you admit that even then you didn't do anything to try to fix it... Maybe discuss with him why you avoided it and what you can actually do to fix things? Assuming you're both really on the same page and willing to actually make an effort, there's no reason things couldn't work out I think.
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  4. Replace Tokyo with Manchester Hen, and it's practically me.
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  5. Thanks... I do think we haven’t tried. I hope he is open to really talk, and hopefully we will think that we are on the same page in that we haven’t actually tried, and we are in this same position as three months ago because we actually have not progressed at all.

    He may say the fact that we haven’t tried means it’s the end of the road for us, but I hope he will keep an open mind.

    I’ll let the dust settled for a few more days to let me process it all and then talk as at the moment I’m still slightly emotional.
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  6. Keifer! Why?
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    I have a date with a guy today who's likely far out of my league. Trying not to shit bricks ahead of meeting up.
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    Well shit. That went really well...
  9. Love it when a guy on Grindr blocks you cos you can't host and don't send nudes when he asks for pics.
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  10. Also, I've been talking to this guy on Grindr and he stans Pricey and The GC and Kellegend Clarkson. God is real.
  11. Everything works out perfectly until you put a label on it n n n n

    After only 9 days I feel that it's different already, why do I hate myself?
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  12. Distance is so hard sometimes ugh
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  13. New member but I've lurked on the site and in this thread for about 6 months on and off, I feel like I know some of you better than people in my own life (my favourite standout being, and I forget the member, the one who saw a guy on a bus rubbing his crotch, made weird eye contact and eventually ended up hooking up, only to find he's married and into choking, was it? Iconic).

    Anyway, my straight(?) crush that I've had for about 4 years now ended up snogging one of my (now ex) best friends right in front of my eyes as I sobbed into a vodka and coke at a Halloween house party. I might be young, but I think the lowest point of my life thus far.
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  14. Are you still friends with this ex best friend, or have you ended the friendship completely? Did they know you had a crush on the straight? Did the straight know how you felt?
  15. We've all lost a friend or two over a straight crush...
    Or, make friends through them, only for the crush not to be entirely straight, so you do stuff, but then they end up eventually with the straight girl anyway.

    My mid 20's were trying.
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  16. I've ended the friendship completely. And yes they did know, and yes he does know how I feel.

    Ouch! That's even worse because you would've gotten your hopes up, only for them to be dashed. Hopefully that's all behind you now though?
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  17. Of course it is

    I'll hate the cunts for life, kii.
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  18. Does anyone else switch between semi-content with being single and being lonely as FUCK on a daily basis? Cause same.
  19. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    i'm...talking to a guy

  20. But is he as iconic as the pensioner than enjoyed skydiving theaux?
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