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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, May 1, 2016.

  1. LTG


    Maybe he was just ignoring you?
  2. R92


    This was basically me when I dated a flight attendant. I was working office hours (and late nights) while he was often flying on weekends and having about half the hours in a month that I did. Not only did it make seeing each other more difficult, it led to me feeling guilty when I had to stay late at work and couldn’t see him, and then to resentment over me bending backwards to fit his schedule while I was the one always having to work... Never again.
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  3. I feel as I'll never found someone I can truly enjoy as a person. The people I genuinely like either have issues or they just does not like me (which is ok, everyone has their type), so few people get me interested.

    I am tired of having long distance crushes because I am stuck in the middle of Nowhere, I am tired of flirting with random people just for the sake of it., I am tired of falling so easily with people who I find interesting just to have someone in my mind.

    I can't go through this.
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  4. So don't. Accept singledom. It's kind of boring sometimes, but we have cookies.
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  5. What's so bad in this one? (This is an honest question)
    I'm failing to see how this can be a negative thing / trait.
    Can anyone give more insight on this?
  6. I just.. witnessed my ex trying to hang himself last night.

    Literally don't know what to do..
  7. You don't see how lacking any perspective on what 99 percent of people experience could be a bad thing?
  8. It's unlikely that someone with a trust fund will understand the stresses of daily life because they don't have to work to maintain their lifestyle. They're free to pursue or do whatever they want to during the day while the rest of us have to work to be able to afford our lifestyles.
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  9. He


    Is he ok? Are you ok? This must be incredibly difficult for everyone involved. Please seek company and support from your loved ones.

    Of course I'm not sure what your relationship with your ex is, but I hope he is also getting the help needed in this case.
  10. Me after every time I meet a boy anytime ever:
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  11. I guess you are right, but at the same time I entered the mindset of being extremely bitter about it really a 'I should deserve good things', I am aware it is a toxic attitude, but I can't snap out of it.
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  12. If you ever get to the point of not particularly caring one way or another, it's oddly freeing. This might hurt to hear, but most people don't find love unfortunately. Instead of being crushed by that, you kind of come to terms with it and realize that's OK. Your heart is always open to potentials, of course. I don't think it's right to shut yourself down completely. But your worth as a person has nothing to do with another, and a life without love can be (and often is) completely fulfilling. Find the infinite joy in this universe that isn't tied to this heartbreaking concept of "romantic love."

    If it happens, it happens! I swear I'm not trying to be a downer, and there is every possibility you'll find something true and lasting. I guess my point is that you are an interesting, intelligent individual -- and nothing should make you bitter and forget that simple truth. The last thing you'd want to do is find yourself on your deathbed still pining for something that never happened though, when happiness is so much more than finding a partner.*

    *Or maybe that's just me.
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  13. C’mon last minute Valentines card deliveries. I hope it’s delivered in time.
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  14. LTG


    Me: ergh I hate people who leave things to the last minute, you can't rely on next day delivery.

    Also me: Orders 5 mins before the next day delivery deadline needing it tomorrow.
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  15. It's been a while since I've seen a profile where the guy clearly has massive issues.

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  16. Ddddd literally. Tbf ive had a lot going on. I was only reminded cause I got an envelope in the post that said “do not open before 14th feb” and I was like fuuuuuck
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  17. He


    Thank you for this. I constantly try to remind myself of it, because I feel it's really important to strive for feeling this.
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  18. I hate the whole "Valentines Day" situation. It's literally just another ordinary day, a way for companies and shops to make money and a reminder to those who are single that they are single. I mean why celebrate a day celebrating that you love one another when you should love one another any other day??
  19. Yeah Valentines is a load of shit but it’s the first one in my life where I’m not single so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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