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Rihanna - ANTI (Guess what? She believes in it!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. That guy is just a troll but you lost me with this one. Rihanna's first two albums aren't pop? When did that happen?
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  2. RJF


    To be fair I think 99% of the public couldn't tell you what genre Rihanna's first two albums are on account of never listening to them.
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  3. I still call them "The Pon De Replay and S.O.S. albums" in my head.
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  4. Rated R was a quality album. I enjoy Russian Roulette and Rude Boy and other songs from the album. It isn't her best but it is better than the latest flop two.
  5. Okay but we both know you've found yourself drunk at home winding ya waist to Let Me so let's not do too much here, deirf.
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  6. Not on 4/20.

    Let me go bake the fuckery away:
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  7. Music of the Sun and A Girl Like Me are fabulous little albums. Stop the hatred!
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  8. They are more reggae and R&B than pop, and certainly less pop than "Good Girl Gone Bad", "Loud", "Talk That Talk".
    I call her first two albums 'underrated treasures', especially "Music of the Sun".


    OK, so let's celebrate the first birthday of "Needed Me" music video. It's already been a year!
    Where is "Love on the Brain" music video???
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  9. Ok but 'Let Me' is still that pussy popper bop so the two early albums do have some purpose.
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  10. RJF


    I've not even heard "Let Me" but if we're hopping to vintage Rih album tracks then "Sell Me Candy" is that caught-in-a-rainstorm-in-a-single-layer-and-the-nipples-are-OUT bop.
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  11. Sis honestly, listen to Let Me.

    Also, the Sell Me Candy stannage (yas).
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  12. I'm not even a huge Rihanna fan, but Anti is anything but dull and boring and uninspired. Sure, I hated the mixtapey-feel to it with the interludes (James Joint, Higher, Yeah I Said It) but it's probably the only album of hers that has more attention worthy songs than fillers. I know most people here will grab their pearls when they read that I had to rejig the track list, make it a 14-tracker clocking at 48 minutes and include Bitch Better Have My Money to absolutely fall in love with the album, but it was definitely worth it.. to me, my version of Anti is one of those albums that I'll probably listen to twenty years from now. I'm sure I'll forget the rest of her catalogue in a couple of years.
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  13. Music Of The Sun is better than A Girl Like Me, but between the two records you can make a great little album...

    Pon De Replay
    If It's Lovin' That You Want
    You Don't Love Me (No No No)
    The Last Time
    Music Of The Sun
    Let Me
    There's A Thug In My Life
    Kisses Don't Lie
    We Ride
    Dem Haters
    Break It Off
    P.S (I'm Still Not Over You)
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  14. "You're so ugly when you cry" is still one of her best lines.
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  15. 'Lemme Get That' was always my favorite of the underrated Good Girl Gone Bad bops.


    *death drop*
  16. There are so many genius and amazing album and unreleased tracks from her, I would make a long list.
  17. I'll never understand the hatred against her first two albums seeing what else is hyped here from time to time. As debut and quick follow-up they aren't that bad all things considered. Maybe people only started caring for Rihanna during the third one and only had respective experiences with them which makes it harder to like them? I remember listening to them when they came out and while not being overwhelmed I gave them a spin from time to time and liked it. Very off its time but she must not bury her head in shame she released stuff like that. And yes you could actually make a pretty decent album out of both of them.

    Also Pon de Replay is a bop and a half and still sounds massive. It never fails to make me to turn the music up and dance.
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  18. Precisely. Being a year younger than Rih, her earliest works were soundtracks to my adolescence. That shit stays with you.
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  19. I still think Baby One More Time is a genuinely great album for the exact same reason and I'll never get that people say it's basically just teen pop. It's! So! Much! More!

    (Ok yeah I totally get the critiscm I just don't want to)
  20. (Same, haha)
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